Mission Statement


We are examining the prospects for a better world. We are not pessimists: neither are we naïve— we are idealists, but with qualifications. We are concerned with mitigating the effects of ineffective governance. We are concerned with the preservation of humanity, and the morality of humanity. We are typical students: we could be faulted for envisioning a brighter world. We are concerned with elucidating complex issues through disciplined argumentation. Our contributors are philosophers and policymakers, artists with a flair for analysis, and—greater than the rest—students dedicated to teaching. The diversity of perspectives within the journal ensures that when our readers engage with the whole of the material, a holistic vision for the world is presented . Our journal synthesizes, refuses to separate, and silences the critics. Disparate parts combine seamlessly, content augmenting content: atomize content—cut originality—and the course we charted loses significance. We are interested in modifying manners, timid academics not welcome.