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I choose out two websites because they relate to each other and the topic of my research.

The first website belongs to the Cultural Foundation Palmares, which was founded by the federal government of Brazil as a public institution that is for the promotion and preservation of the Afro-Brazilian art and culture. The Cultural Foundation Palmares works to preserve and promote the Afro-Brazilian culture through various mean such as publications that promote Afro-Brazilian culture, establishing departments that work to prevent racisms and help Afro-Brazilians, and by protecting the quilombos. The foundation was a result of the Movimento Negro push for the recognition of the Afro-Brazilian as a citizen of Brazil and their fight to combat racism. This website provides information regarding the amendments to the constitution that help Afro-Brazilians, and articles regarding movements that the foundation is doing to further promote the Afro-Brazilian culture.

Looking through the website, I was very surprised to see all the changes the foundation has promoted and implemented. It is a great resource for information regarding Afro-Brazilian figures, culture, and movements. Even though it is an organization that is back by the Brazilian government, I did not find any evidence of government propaganda that would allow a person to think that Brazil is a utopia. On the other hand it provides information to further the cause of the Movimento Negro and does a good job of educating people on Afro-Brazilian culture.

The second website is for the Memorial Park of the Quilombo dos Palmares. It has information regarding the history of quilombos, Palmares, the process of the recognition of communities in modern times as quilombos, and a lot more information regarding this topic. The Memorial Park of the Quilombo dos Palmares was created because of the Foundations commitment to the protection of quilombos. The park serves as a museum as well that shows a recreation of Palmares, which was the largest quilombo in Brazil before abolition.

One the of the biggest movements supported by the Cultural Foundation of Palmares is the Movimento Quilombola. This movement is fighting for the recognition of land that was once a quilimbo and is now a predominately A fro-Brazilian community. The recognition of the land would be a protection of the land rights of these communities so that they do not run the risk of loosing their land to corporations or any other entity that would like to take the lands. This movement is also deeper than the protection of the land but it is more of a recognition of the basic rights of Afro-Brazilian.

The importance of quilombo recognition is definitely evident as part of this fight for equality in Brazil. These two website help cement the idea of my research because it provides evidence of the use of quilombos as symbol of the Movimento Negro.