Little Marco? Try Quiet Marco.

Sometimes you say the most by not saying anything at all.

For Republican presidential dropout, Marco Rubio, this is true. No one has heard much from the junior Florida senator since his decision to suspend his campaign after a devastating loss of his home state to Republican front-runner Donald Trump. However, an exception to his silence is his continued engagement with state GOP chairs, asking them not to release the delegates who pledged to support him on the first ballot at the 2016 Republican National Convention in July.

He sent the request to all 21 states and territories where he won delegates. In a letter to Alaska Republican Party chairman Peter Goldberg, Rubio wrote, “I want to tell you that the decision to suspend my campaign for President of the Untied States [sic] is not intended to release any National Convention Delegates bound to me as a result of the delegate selection process that took place in your state.” Goldberg agreed, after consulting with the RNC in Washington, who told him that each state has its own rules but most are leaning towards letting Rubio keep his delegates. The states that Rubio won will supposedly let delegates vote for Rubio as long as he’s on the ballot.

By securing the majority of his 172 delegates, Rubio could help Senator Ted Cruz and hopefully prevent Trump from gaining the delegates and securing the nomination in the event of a contested convention.

Keeping his delegates is thought to be a ploy to “give voters a chance to stop Trump,” according to Alex Burgos, a Rubio aide.

Team Up Against Trump?

After dropping out of the race, will Rubio endorse one of the remaining candidates? I think that everyone knows that if Rubio were to endorse a republican candidate, it would be anyone but Donald Trump. As many negative things as Trump has said to Rubio and vice versa it would make no sense for Rubio. In fact it would have a negative impact on Marco Rubio’s image becasue it will portray the fact the Rubio didnt mean any of the things that he said about Trump. In my opinion, Rubio will endorse Ted Cruz for two reasons. The first being that Ted Cruz has the greatest chance of defeating Trump compared to Kasich. I believe Rubio and the remaining republican candidates’ main goal is to defeat Trump no matter what, so it would be smart if Rubio were to pair with the candidate who seems to have a better shot at accomplishing this task. There has not been much back and forth between Cruz and Rubio as far as negative comments and slander is concerned, so it seems as if they would have a good relationship. The second reason is because we have already seen Cruz and Rubio team up and double team Trump at the debate in Houston. Most of the people who viewed this debate would probably agree that the two of them were successful at throwing Trump off of his game even though Trump’s response to the whole thing was “we’re having fun up here aren’t we?” However, if Rubio does endorse Ted Cruz and they do not successfully defeat Trump I think it will only make Trump’s campaign even stronger and gain more support. If Trump is able to still come out on top it will prove to many people that he can overcome adversity even when the odds are stacked against him.

Could Torture Have Prevented the Attacks in Brussels?

Is Torture Okay?

On Tuesday, the world witnessed yet another terrorist attack that took the lives of 10 people, injuring many more in Brussels. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, fueling the already heated rhetoric surrounding things like torturing apprehended terrorists, and how to fight ISIS as a group.Unknown-1

The most powerful rhetoric that we have seen resulting from the attack comes from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. In the past, Trump has stated that he “would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding”, according to the Washington Post. It has been a source of controversy, as many people support the notion that torture doesn’t actually work, and is extremely inhumane. Trump has defended his stance on torture with a not-so-convincing response, “Don’t tell me it doesn’t work – torture works… Okay folks? Torture – you know, half these guys [say]: ‘Torture doesn’t work.’ Believe me, it works. Okay?”

Trump has been adamant that these continued attacks in Europe would not be happening if they had just been “tough”, and used harsh methods against terrorists in order to get information about upcoming attacks in order to prevent them from happening. In his response to the attacks on Tuesday Trump said, “You know, we work within laws. They don’t work within laws — they have no laws. We work within laws. The waterboarding would be fine, and if they could expand the laws, I would do a lot more than waterboarding” ( While this rhetoric has been praised by the “radical” supporters of Trump many other people think that it is actually doing more harm than good.

The Harm in Trump’s Torture-Rhetoric

The incessant use of this kind of rhetoric regarding torture of ISIS members and other terror organizations is actually counter-productive in protecting our national security. When he continually frames Muslims as the enemy, and expresses images-2the need to monitor/track them in the United States, Trump actually makes it easier for ISIS and other terror organizations to recruit and plan further attacks. They cite his words as the type of propaganda that makes the U.S the enemy, which will ultimately help radicalize them, and open them up to wreaking havoc all around the world.

Dan Rather of The Hill says, “This is the best thing to happen to ISIS in months from a propaganda standpoint… They’re trying to convince everyone in Islam that it’s us against Christianity… They want to boil it down to that… said Rather…Now, they can say, ‘Hey, here’s a guy who might be the next president of the United States who’s anti-Muslim.”

While Trump is profiting in the polls with his anti-Muslim and torturing of ISIS rhetoric, he is ultimately playing a much more negative role in stopping the threat of terrorism and protecting our national security. Hopefully, he will realize that his use of this type of rhetoric is actually helping the enemy, rather than confronting it, and he will tailor what he says to benefit us rather than continue to hurt us.





Trump Cruz Beef

Social Media Issues

According to Donald Trump’s twitter account Thursday, He insulted Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz. The picture that Donald Trump “quote” tweeted was a picture his wife, Melania, and Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, with a caption saying, “No need to ‘spill the beans’ The images are worth a thousand words” Cruz, rightfully so, felt insulted by Mr. Trump’s tweet. Ted Cruz said in an interview briefly after the incident, “Our spouses and our children are off-bounds… Donald TedDonald, you’re a sniveling coward… Real men don’t bully women”.  Is this a bad look for Mr. Trump to insult Ted Cruz’s wife?

Mr. Trump if you plan on winning over the women population for the General Election, and beat Hillary Clinton in November, insulting women, not once, not twice, but multiple times, doesn’t boost your chances of becoming the next Commander in Chief. Once again, this shows how Mr. Trump is politically immature and not ready to become our next President. If you have to continuously insult your opponents to get votes, Mr. Trump, you will not stand a chance against the strong, political Hillary Clinton in November.

What Is Next…

Ted Cruz hoping to compete against the “big, Loud New York bully” in hopes of winning the convention and defeating Hillary Clinton in November, like he has said numerous times he could. However, Mr. Trump thinks otherwise, “I know the press likes to talk about the brokered convention, but i think we’re doing really well.”

Whether there will be a convention or not, Mr. Trump cannot escape the fact that the target on his back his getting bigger and bigger, week by week with his absurd comments and immature social media insults.

Addressing Mixed Feelings on “The Wall”

This past Saturday, Senator Bernie Sanders delivered a powerful speech on immigration reform while standing at the United States-Mexican border in Arizona. Sanders stood in front of the twenty one and a half foot tall steel fence that currently divides Mexico and the United States– both physically and existentially. He aimed to win over voters by strategically contrasting Donald Trump’s negative rhetoric with his own.

Sanders on Immigration

United States-Mexican border

Sanders has put a lot of effort into his campaign in Arizona after a few disappointing loses to Clinton. in Sanders promised his audience that he would work to keep families together. This comment alone, along with denouncing Trump’s comments, works to symbolize Sanders’ commitment to unity and cooperation between the United States government and Mexican Immigrants.  Sanders continued by quoting the Pope.

“Compassion not hatred. Good public policy, not bigotry.”

The Pope is respected internationally and recognized as a symbol of love, peace, and unity. Sanders is aligning himself with the Pope in order to establish a sense of acceptance and unity on there border where there is currently a lot of tension. Border patrol has been a hot topic during the presidential election debates.

Trump on Immigration

Sanders accused Trump of using very negative and dangerous rhetoric when addressing Mexican immigration. Trump has referred to Mexican immigrants as “killers”, “rapists”, and “drug dealers”.  His derogatory remarks about immigration have provoked fear in many Americans, which have in turn led to his large base of support from voters.

In response to Trump’s comments, Sanders aimed to  turn Trump’s greatest rhetorical strength into a weakness while simultaneously promoting his own views on immigration.

“I would hope that all of us are rightly appalled by the divisive, bigoted and xenophobic comments of people like Donald Trump,” Sanders said.

Sanders Speaking at Border


Although Sanders did not win Arizona, he utilized an effective attack on Trump at his advantage. Love trumps hate.

Not Enough Money to Stop Trump



Throughout his campaign Trump has been touting the fact that he has self funded his campaign. He has used rhetoric that implies he is not an everyday politician and he hasn’t been controlled by corporations or special interest groups. This strategy has been highly effective in enticing voters that are tired of the “run of the mill politician”. At the same time he is calling out his opponents on something they simply cannot defend. His opponents have had massive amounts of funding provided too them and in comparison to Trumps “small donations, its not even close. trump_haul

As the chart shows this has resulted in a massive amount of spending by Trumps opponents, most of whom are now out of the race. Perhaps most notably,  Jeb Bush who’s large amount of funding got him essentially no where. It shows that Trump is winning while spending incredibly little on any sort of advertising. Charts that are included within that link show Trump spending twelve times or more less than his opponents per vote. The GOP front-runner was witnessing what voters in states across the country have seen, a slice of the more than 53,000 anti-Trump ads, many of them courtesy of Republicans, according to data from the ad tracking firm Kantar Media/CMAG. CNN estimates that adds against Trump have totaled around 67 Million dollars in value. A figure Trumps campaign and funding couldn’t possibly match in retaliation (maybe they could if he was worth as much as he lies about being worth) but none of this has stopped Trump, he just keeps winning, less funding or not.

“Leave Heidi the Hell Alone” – Cruz


Earlier this week, Trump and Cruz became arch enemies if they were not already. A super PAC supportive of Cruz released a disgusting ad which disrespected Trump’s wife and advocated a vote for Cruz because his wife is “better” first lady material. Although Cruz, himself, was not responsible for the attack, he came under fire on Twitter when Donald Trump assumed that he was responsible and retaliated. His tweet, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!” can be found in Tina Nguyen’s Vanity Fair article. The article states that the possible secrets Trump might have shared included Heidi’s bout with depression or questionable criminal activity from years ago.

Another article from USA Today details the entire Twitter conversation between Cruz and Trump. Trump stooped even lower in his response when he posted a side by side picture of his wife and Heidi, saying that “a pictures worth a thousand words.” I think this speaks volumes to how Trump views women and what we could expect him to do for women as a president. Absolutely nothing. As USA Today also says, “We’ve had Carly Fiorina. We’ve had Megyn Kelly. And now, Heidi Cruz. This is not just a whim. This is a pattern.” Throughout his campaign Trump has repeatedly disrespected females, and I hope that with this final stunt, voters will begin to see who Trump really is and realize that we cannot elect someone who promises to make our country safe if he has no character.


Do Your Job

DO YOUR JOB! A popular phrase from Patriot’s head coach, Bill Bellichick, and what the public is demanding of the United States senate. The left wants change, and the right wants to put a halt until the next presidency.


However, the senate says “we are doing our job. We’re protecting the supreme court.”

“The liberal left is seeking to bully the Republican-led Senate into ignoring its constitutional responsibilities and further destroying our nation’s delicate system of checks and balances.” This author claims that they are doing their job. They are protecting the Supreme Court from being swayed to the left so far that we never see a checked and balanced point of view again. With the court being a lifelong position, the decisions made today affect the American people for generations to come. That’s a huge deal!!


The rhetoric surrounding the vacancy is extremely volatile and unsettling. Liberals are claiming Republicans are being unethical and lazy, and the right is claiming the left is unreasonable and just pushing their own agenda. It’s a crazy empty-seat world and we’re just living in it.

Until next time

Do your job


Nature of the Times Affecting Kasich’s Campaign Viability

With the GOP National Convention less than four months away and previous Republican candidates dropping out like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie, who overall did better in the primaries and caucuses than Kasich, Republicans continue to question the viability of Kasich’s campaign in comparison to that of his competition.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.17.15 PMEmotions Over Ideologies

Compared to the other two Republican candidates, Kasich by far has the most moderate political views, however, with those comes his moderate rhetorical style.  While many voters view his optimism and ability to stick to the important political topics without getting wrapped up in aggressive rhetorical strategies appealing, the nature of the times in this “outsider” election work against his favor. Throughout the debates Kasich was almost forgotten because although he had good things to say, he could not assert himself amidst the attacks fired from the opposing candidates enough to make his presence appear relevant. While this non-aggressive rhetorical strategy may appeal to most American voters in the overall election, in the primaries, however, voters are showing the most support for the candidates that evoke an emotional appeal over an ideological appeal.

Exigency Drives Unexpected Endorsements

As a desperate attempt to eliminate Trump from the election, many republicans have recently been backing Ted Cruz as a final uniting force against Trump. Despite personal political alignment, many Republicans are overlooking Kasich as a candidate as what they view as a final strategy to pull resources and defeat Trump. It was especially surprising and extremely devastating for Kasich’s campaign when Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Senator Lindsey Graham all announced their endorsements for Cruz. This support came as a shock because as the New York Times states, they are all “ideologically closer to Kasich but whose embrace of Mr. Cruz as a strategic calculation that he has a better shot of stopping Mr. Trump.” These endorsements are strategies based on the exigency of the situation, and further weakened Kasich’s campaign viability.

Foreseeing End of the Road for Kasich

While in a hypothetical matchup Kasich would be the only candidate capable of capable of beating Hillary Clinton beating Hillary Clinton in the general election, his non-aggressive rhetorical strategies will not be able to get him the necessary media attention or votes required to beat his competitors in the GOP race.

Cruz vs. Trump saga continues

Ted Cruz is furthering the narrative that Donald Trump hates women – and he’s not having to work very hard to do it.

In another Cruz vs. Trump twitter battle this week, Trump claimed Cruz shared a photo of his wife Melania in a GQ ad.

Ted Cruz responded:

Maybe the worst and most important anecdote to this story is that this all occurred on the day of the horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels. The GOP nominees decided to attack each other rather than using it as an opportunity to reverently take a stand on terrorism around the world, like Hillary Clinton did.

Now, Donald Trump has remained true to his word and retweeted a side-by-side unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump.

All of this to say, Cruz is heated on a level he hasn’t been before, calling Trump a “sniveling coward” and told Trump to leave his wife “the hell alone.” Personal attacks on this level are off-limits for Cruz.

“Our spouses and our children are off bounds,” said Cruz. “It is not acceptable for a big loud New York bully to attack my wife.”

It’s not the first time Cruz has used Trump’s inappropriate behavior directed towards women to drive the narrative that Trump hates women, and it probably won’t be the last.