Obama has nothing to lose

A Remembrance

With grieving hearts, America has said “goodbye” to long serving justice, Antonin Scalia. Appointed by Regan, for 30 years, Justice Scalia served his country well. The timing of his passing has created a spark that working its way to setting off a firework of hysteria in the 2016 presidential campaign. Many articles are swirling in talking about who will become Obama’s nominee for the vacancy. While many republican candidates are against Obama selecting, he really does not care what they think. As of today, March 15th, “Beware the Ides of March!” “President Barack Obama is said to have narrowed to three candidates his list of potential Supreme Court nominees to fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Paul Watford, DC Circuit Judge Sri Srinivasan, obamand Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the DC Circuit” (Mencimer, 2016). He is not fazed by what the republicans want, and is moving on with his presidential right. However, this nomination spot, while a huge honor, is also a tricky spot, as Mencimer calls it the “sacrificial lamb.” Whoever is the nominee, will be the crosshairs of the next president, if the president is republican. If Obama does pick, than that nominee will be the fall guy of any lasting remembrance of the presidency of Barack Obama. The vacancy, if filled by Obama’s choice will be supportive of the democratic agenda, and not the republican. The choosing of the new justice has been discussed in republican debates many times over since the passing of Justice Scalia.

The opinion that the republicans have is that Obama not nominate a new justice, but leave it to his successor. This is because they are fearful that he will select a justice that is from the far left, and will not be supportive of the far right. However, the result of Obama leaving it to his successor could be bad for the Republican Party, because the next president could be a democrat also. Then, that president could pick a nominee that is worse in the eyes of republicans than the choice of Obama. Many of the republicans do not want President Obama to nominate a new justice.