The Profit of Trade

Shady is as Shady Does

Now closing in on the 2016 presidential election, October has been anything but boring. With less than twenty-four hours until our future president delivers their acceptance speech, voters have been thrown for a loop with the latest October surprises. Conspiracy has risen in a statement proposed by Senior Economic Advisor, Peter Navarro of Clinton’s involvement with media oligopolies and trade with China.


In this conspiracy Navarro explains how big media heads have been skewing the information they feed to the public to essencially fill their pockets. Evidence has suggested that, “Clinton megaphone MSNBC,were once owned by General Electric, a leader in offshoring factories to China. Now NBC has been bought by Comcast, which is specifically targeting the Chinese market – even as Comcast’s anchors and reporters at MSNBC engage in their Never Trump tactics.” Trump’s campaign has targeted trade to bring light on the situation at hand – trade with China is taking away from the United State’s economy and it’s citizens.

Your Career for Their Millions

Trump is “connecting the dots” and voters are seeing a side of the media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign that is shady at best. The statement referred to Clinton by being the candidate of the multinational ruling elite. She has earned this title since the same corporations that profit off of shipping American jobs offshore are pushing Clinton’s agenda. With this new situation people are now going to question big media heads and the Clinton campaign.

This could severely hurt Hilary’s campaign. She is already under the pressure of breaking laws and now voters may think she’s involved with even more scandals. The fact that news channels like NBC are bashing all of  Trump’s trade tactics and promoting Clinton will appear dishonest now that Navarro has linked their involvement with trade. Has Clinton and MSNBC been profiting off of America’s declining economy and rising unemployment this whole time? How do we know what the media is telling us is true? Election day is near and the final shots have been fired.


Justice Turns the Scale

Weighing Your Options

As they say, people usually experience language in political events, not the events themselves. Trump’s metaphor of China ‘raping’ America is a reminder to us all about former president Bill Clinton’s deal with China and NAFTA. Donald Trump’s use of rhetoric and language is a smart choice in his campaign. By using metaphors to reflect on past events people will remember who lead the creation of one of the worst trade agreements in history. The Clinton administration.


The battle between the untrustworthy and the unstable is thrown off when Trump adds the “unfit” label too Clinton. Trump’s harsh use of metaphors is connecting the Clinton administration with the rape of our country, since it was Bill that made the deal with China on NAFTA regimes. Peter Navarro from National Interest Magazine states, “Hillary’s ultimate problem in the 2016 presidential race may not be Benghazi, Emailgate, Filegate, Monica, Pardongate, Vince Foster, Whitewater, or a broad-based perception that she is a cold, calculating and untrustworthy woman. Instead, it may simply be America’s ill-considered trade deals—and the pivotal role her husband Bill has played in selling American workers down the offshoring road.

Who is heavier? 

Why wouldn’t you  vote for her if she was in office once before? That is a statement the Clinton campaign thrives on – experience. Trump is tearing that statement down as he links the suffering of thousands of Americans to Bill Clinton’s run in office. Because of Bill Clinton’s, “ill-considered WTO deal, the good old USA has had to endure a tsunami of illegally subsidized Chinese exports, the closure of over fifty thousand American factories, the creation of a huge American army of the permanently angry and unemployed, and a crushing debt of several trillion dollars to a communist country.” There is a trend of Clintons in office and bad decisions that negatively effect us.

A con of this scenario in the election is some people will call out Trump as he has zero experience in office, which may hurt his campaign. None the less if Trump continues to hit on the ‘unfit’ label he may gain new supporters. Throwing this balancing scale of bad labels off balance. 26-pictures-of-balance-scales-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to-qhqfc7-clipart

Your Move

Playing Sides

Now in the nominating stage of the 2016 presidential election, Clinton and Trump are brutally fighting for the win. Trump’s campaign issues of trade are calling attention to a message for an unpredictable audience. His rhetorical style of involving issues with the middle class are surprising as “Trump has upended GOP orthodoxy on free trade by running on a restrictionist platform in an appeal to working-class voters.” As he has consistently preached of imposing tariffs on foreign goods and doing away with NAFTA, Trump’s use of rhetoric is supporting the underdog. In this scenario the underdog is the middle class working folk.

legitimizing Players

At this point in the election each candidate has to reaffirm legitimacy for office. Hilary has the upper hand as she as been in the office once before, at this point Trump needs to improve his strategies and talk about issues concerning the masses. Clinton being on the left side of politics targets the middle class but “Clinton has “expressed skepticism about trade but in effect represents stasis.”.” Trump has in turn used this as a way to gain supporters. Right side politicians do not concern themselves with the livelihoods of the working class, but if Trump can deliver his message strong enough he may sway left side voters. Taking a stand on trade is tricky, but the issue exist because trade with China has taken away so many jobs from middle class citizens.


Check Mate!

Trump is speaking up for those unemployed middle class citizens. As the graph shows a steadily rising unemployment rate coinciding with a rising import rate, you see how China is taking advantage of the United States. China’s trade is most directly affecting the middle class worker. Donald Trump’s unorthodox ways of jumping between left and right side politics have improved his rhetoric situation at present. At this rate enough people who are tired of looking for jobs that don’t exists will follow Trump’s lead. Polls had said that many voters for Trump were not open about being supporters. These people could come from issues like trade, and they just just might be those secret supporters. This campaign is a game of chess and Trump is smart about his use of pawns.

Trump on the Phone – America on the Line


Who’s calling?

Trump’s phone conference on Your Money -Your Vote posted on CNBC targets the right audience. Considering that CNBC generally focuses on Wall Street, Trump had the attention of multiple groups other than the GOP. This news conference worked with Trump’s rhetoric of speech types as he accomplished three very important tasks. One, discussing a limited number of issues. Two, targeting an audience. And three, creating an agenda to benefit his campaign.

The message

Trump’s form of address appearing on Your Money – Your Vote was a great way for him to answer planted questions. When the show host asked Trump about what he thinks the U.S should do in regards to trade with China, his answer was thoughtful and thorough. He spoke of how “you can charge surtax or you can charge a tax for products that they sell in the United States“. He explained that the higher tax would cause more people to buy American goods since they would be less expensive than foreign ones.  Through Trump’s rhetorical strategies, his agenda and planted questions made himself appear very knowledgeable. All the while being very successful at targeting a large audience through his choice of news conference.


The graph above shows America’s imports to exports ratio from 2007 to 2013 in quarterly increments, it is obvious that something needs to change. Trump’s ideals may shock many because no one wants higher prices, but his rhetorical strategies might get voters on his bandwagon. Knowing how to deliver a message is very important. Trump’s conference on Your Money – Your Vote  that called attention to this issue can inform people across the nation, I mean who doesn’t watch T.V or surf the internet this day in age?

The Call Back.

This news conference can touch the minds of those who claim themselves as independent. Some people don’t acknowledge the presidential debates and those people could powerfully sway an election. Getting the attention of these people while also appearing as a logical choice of president is important. In this case Trump’s plans on trade would make him seem like a good choice separating him from his opponent, from a campaign strategist perspective this could greatly benefit him in this election.

Trade – the Double Edged Sword

Group: ViewsAsia Credit: PARESH Source: The Khaleej Times - Dubai, UAE Keywords: COLOR SOUTH CHINA SEA USA SHIP GREAT WALL 060215 Provider: CartoonArts International / The New York Times Syndicate
Group: ViewsAsia
Credit: PARESH
Source: The Khaleej Times – Dubai, UAE
Provider: CartoonArts International / The New York Times Syndicate

Who is to Blame?

In the recent 2016 presidential debate, trade has been one of the leading issues addressed. Specialist in Asian trade and finance,  Wayne Morrison states that, “China is currently the United States’ second-largest trading partner, its third-largest export market, and its biggest source of imports.” This has left the US in a sticky situation as Morrison adds , “Major areas of concern expressed by U.S. policymakers and stakeholders include China’s alleged widespread cyber economic espionage against U.S. firms; relatively poor record of intellectual property rights (IPR) enforcement; and mixed record on implementing its World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations” Many say China’s shady dealings around policy has negatively impacted US trade and has caused large amounts of job loss. China is to blame.

It’s Unfair.

Donald Trump has been seen many times commenting on the ‘ill wills’ of China and thier operations around trade. Using a rhetorical specific and nontraditional style, Trump aggressively states how China is unfairly taking away from the United Sates to fill their own pockets. While taking a stand for the working class he is simultaneously providing hope for the future if he becomes president, by stoping China’s corruption and creating more jobs.



Achilles Heel

The United States is a powerhouse but trade would be our weak point. China has gone against the WTO and as trump says, they are ‘good at the game’. The solution is as Trump states, “We will keep the car industry in Michigan and we’re going to bring car companies back to Michigan.” Beating China at its own game is a way to stop our country from being taken advantage of. Creating more jobs, producing more products and weening ourselves off of China’s trade to become a more independent United States.