The History Making Gender Gap



This election is going to make history, whether the first female president is elected or whether the largest gender gap in history is made. It wasn’t until the late 19th century until women had the right to vote. Since then women have been using this to their advantage, especially with this election. Not only do we have a female candidate, but we now have more women turning out to vote.

“An average of three recent national polls shows that women prefer Clinton by roughly 13 points, while men prefer Trump by 12, totaling a 25-point gap.” This gap could be the largest in modern history. This may be due to the fact that the major party candidate is a female, however it could just be the women’s party identification.In women’s voting history, they have heavily voted Democratically. People’s party identification plays a larger role then demographic factors. However, Trump has played a large part to moving the women’s vote Hillary’s way.

Trump plays a major role in this gender gap. As everyone knows, the media has portrayed Trump as being a racist, and being sexist. Since the audio tapes were released, many women were disgusted with him. Over half of all women voters were unfavorable of Trump at one point. This leads to the conclusion that he could be pushing women’s votes Hillary’s way. Since the audio tapes were released so late in the election, Trump did not have much time to fix the issue. His campaign has always been primarily focused on masulinity and it has overall stayed that way till tonight.

With only a couple of hours left in the election, we will find out if the women voters turned out and voted the way their history has been. I believe that they will, and Hillary will end up being the next president. With Trumps allienation of women, as well as Hillary’s debate tactic reaching out to the specific audience of women, the gender gap will become the largest it has ever been in over 60 years.

The Influence of Michelle Obama

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Michelle Obama gave a powerful speech for Hillary’s campaign rally. The speech that was given by Michelle was a strong defense against women. Michelle went on to support Hillary against Trump. What affect will this have on the election? Why does having Michelle speak on Hillary’s behalf demonstrate to the people?


This speech was directed to the audience in order to gain more supporters and in this case Obama supporters. Michelle is acting as a surrogate for Hillary that could push to end Trump. In her speech Michelle stated; “This candidate calls on us to turn against each other, to build walls, to be afraid,” Obama said. “And then there’s Hillary’s vision for this country — a vision of a nation that is powerful and vibrant and strong, big enough to have a place for all of us. A nation where we each have something very special to contribute and where we are always stronger together.” Michelle not only is directing this to a certain group of American, but all of them.


Michelle Obama has been very active in the white house, influencing children, military families, and the youth. She has played a strong role in getting children the proper education as well as helping them lead a healthy life. These views touch the emotions of mothers across the U.S who what their children to strive. With having a strong influential history with women and the youth, being a surrogate for Hillary is very beneficial.


Michelle has also worked directly with younger women who have come to the white house. In her speech she said “I told them they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect,” Obama said at the time. “I wanted them to understand that the measure of any society is how it treats women and girls.” She has had experience in seeing young women being abused and discriminated against and she is using it to support her cause and to attack Trump. Michelle is considered a symbolic device, because of her husband’s incumbency she is a strong figure in the political world. She has legitimacy of the office so she knows who needs to be in it in order to be successful at it.


Now that the October Surprise is out in the open, having Michelle speak for Hillary may help her hold on to her voters. I think that this influence will help boost Hillary’s morale, even with all of the controversy going on. I think that Michelle will be a strong force that will push the election forward for Hillary.

Warren to the Rescue?

On Monday, at Saint Anslem College, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren held a rally together. Warren is the Senator for Massachusetts. Clinton decided to team up with her because of her strength to stand up to Wall Street, as well as Trump. This paring is ironic because in the beginning of the election they were competing with one another. What brought them together was their fear of Trump taking over the White House. Now the both of them are going to do whatever it takes to keep him out.

Warren used the deplorable remarks Trump has previously said in the past to get the crowd going. At the rally she stated ; “Get this, Donald: Nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart and nasty women vote, we are gonna march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes, to get you out of our lives forever.” She is standing up for the women across the United States who were depicted by these remarks.

As you can see Warren has used an alliteration and repetition of the word “nasty” to form her speech. She is using a challenger strategy, by attacking previous things Trump has said. Just like Freud said, emotion is driven by people’s values, fear, and wishes. In this case for Warren, she is afraid of Trump taking office, as are so many other Americans. Warren is a very influential women figure in the political field, and can help Clinton win the women over in the last stretch of the election. Just like the core Clinton objectives in the debate, Warren attacked Trumps record. She was able to turn something “nasty” into a positive message.

Warren also stated; “I am the daughter of a maintenance man who ended up a U.S. senator. Hillary Clinton is the granddaughter of a factory worker and she is going to be elected President.” Here she is directing her speech towards families who have lower level incomes. She is using ethos to hinder on peoples emotions and values in order to connect with them. She is also lamenting the present and celebrating the future by saying that Hillary is already president.

With all of this being said, by bringing in Warren, I believe this will help Clinton win the election. However, on the other hand this could end up with people looking at the new political relationship between the two as fake. They could look at their past relationship and see right through it. Warren has said that she is on the same page with Clinton now, as well as after the election. However, she could end up turning her back on her.

Melania To The Defense


Melania Trump has been under the radar ever since she gave a speech at the Republican National Convention. That speech was allegedly plagiarized from Michelle Obama. Melania finally surfaced on Monday and decided to do an interview to confront the latest audio tape scandal.In this interview she goes on to defend her husband to a certain extent.

When having the interview with Anderson Cooper, she tell him that she is not surprised that she is giving an interview on the subject. She said “I’m not surprised because a lot of people, they are against my husband“. She goes on to acuse the media of portraying both of them, and their marriage in a negative way. Further into the interview she said that it was just “boy talk” like we heard from Trump to defend his choice of language on the tape. Melania herself was shocked at what Trump had said in the tape, but was not surprised that it leaked. By saying this she is relating to the thousands of women who have heard the tape.

Melania also addresses the fact that she told him not to talk to people like Howard Stern and Billy Bush because they try and pull inappropriate things out of him and encourage him to use offensive language. Also, in this interview, nothing but the mic was on and that her husband was“egged on” to talk about aggressive behavior towards women. The media has played a major role in this scandal. By using junkyard journalism, journalist are twisting things that Trump has said making it the topic of discussion. They know what sells to people, and they jump on any opportunity for their article to get attention for their own benefit.

Having the wife of the candidate come forward to talk about this controversy, directly affects the women voters. I believe that with this interview, it gives them an insight on their relationship and I think that wives can relate to this. However, she did blame women, saying that they were the ones acting inappropriately towards Trump. She is blaming the media, as well as women for the scandals that have formed about her husband.

What affect will this have on the election you might ask, well the fact that Melania blamed women for the scandal may play a negative role. Undecided women voters want to hear her blame her husband for the demeaning things he has said toward women. That is one way you could look at it. Another way, which is how I look at it, is that these voters may emphasize with Melania and agree with her. Women, and wives all deal with men somepoint in their lives. They all have experienced men demeaning women at some point.  Melania, just like many others are not getting blinded  by the media scandals and are looking at the bigger picture which is what everyone should be doing.

Sexual Assualt or Locker Room Talk?

The debate of Sunday is a debate that will be in political history books forever. Before the debate on Sunday, an audio recording of Trump was leaked. This audio tape revealed that Trump hit on married women and even would go as far as assaulting them. He also mentioned his power over people, and how he could use this to his advantage. During the audio, Trump used very vulgar language when talking to a reporter from Access Hollywood .The middle age women group, are the main group that needs to be focused on. After the scandal that had occurred, many are very unhappy with Trump.

This was a major hit to the Republican, however do you think voters expected this? When he was asked in the debate about the tape, he said that this was just “locker room talk”. Every time Trump is accused of mistreating women he tends to just rub it off. Even Governor Chris Christie thinks that what he said was unacceptable. She also said that he was unable to apologize to the public affectively. However she does believe that he is embarrassed and would like to apologize for it.

Is Chris Christie correct? Are voters worried about the larger issues at hand or more focused on immature comments made. Many conservatives tend to ignore issues like this because of being loyal to their party. All of this is just junkyard journalism. Everything that we have seen in the news is trying to damage each candidates campaign. Voters are blinded by the media to recognize the candidates message, especially Trump. He had been unable to get a decent argument across because he always interrupts Clinton or makes immature jokes. These small things affect the voters.

Hilary Clinton addressed her opinion, by saying that Trump was not fit for president. Clinton is now using this topic to build her campaign around women. However, women are still saying they are going to vote for his despite the demeaning rhetoric used. Those women are focused more on the larger pictures. The part that stumps people when women say this, is that women have been fighting about equality for years.

As the election goes on voters will have to pick and choose what they want to hear from the candidates. They will have to choose a leader who they believe will fit the spot. The poor use of rhetoric of Trump and the over scripted Clinton had throw the people of the United States off. I believe that the undecided voters are still undecided and will be until voting day.

Trump: The Worth of Women


On the first night of the debate the topic of Alicia Machado was brought up. I first want to clarify that I am not against Trump. I believe that by being unfiltered, makes him connect to the voters more than the reserved/professional rhetoric Clinton uses. The gender role issue has been brought up many times during this election and when this topic was brought up, it caused a lot of controversy.

Sexism has been a major problem in everyday life, especially in the government and in the workplace. Trumps history of demoralizing women has caused a negative affect of women voters. In the first debate, Clinton brought up how he referred to the 1966 Miss Universe winner as “Miss Piggy”  and “Miss Housekeeping”. Clinton then went to Alicia Machados defense by telling Trump that “she has a name”. Clinton used this weapon to connect with female voters. She strategically used this because she is trying to break the “glass ceiling” in the workplace. Women are daily abused in the workplace by their male co-workers and it is something that is needed to be publicized.

By using derogatory names toward women, Trump has caused a huge upset with female voters. Women, who have been demoralized by Trump, like Alicia Machado have now been speaking out. They have been attacking him and using negative rhetoric, to let the world know that sexism is still a major problem in the country. Clintons role as a woman in politics is to emphasize the situation in order to gain power in the election.

I do think that Clinton was right with bringing this topic up. Trump should never have said those demeaning things to any women. However, in my opinion Trump is not sexist. He did make a mistake just like everyone does. Clinton has used her strategic poetic rhetoric in her speeches making sexism a major problem in her campaign. I think that this problem has been highlighted and will be resolved no matter who wins the election.