Isis Pulling For Trump- So said Clinton

The Rhetoric corresponding to Hillary’s view on terrorism is one that can not be avoided. The United States of America is not a safe place like it once used to be. Various numbers of attacks are taking place throughout the country and terrorism is at an all time high. Who is to blame? Well Trump of course. As Hillary protested that she, “falsely claimed that ISIL had recruiting videos featuring Donald Trump.”  She was at a point where she could not demoralize President Obama and all that he had done but she also could not put aside that the nation was “under attack” and who else but our own Donald Trump was to blame.

Terrorism is an reoccurring violence that will forever haunt and scar this country of ours. The world is crazy and unstable but it needs someone who can step in and secure it and make the nation a safe place again,  not someone who blames the other candidate running for its attacks. Instead, Trump has verified more of a plan of attack or idea to help to manage the attacks of terrorist and ways to slow it down. Thats what should be done not blaming someone else for it. A leader can articulate a adhesive plan in order to step up security in which the people need to feel protected. A plan can stop this reoccurring obstacle not the blame of someone else.

The only way to go about things and be successful in this time is to have an idea or understanding on what needs to be done to figure it out and Donald Trump has a better understanding on it than does Hillary. Trump has calmed the nerves of many people by addressing the attack of terrorism while Hillary is having a more difficult time of reaching the peoples emotions about terrorism.