The History Making Gender Gap



This election is going to make history, whether the first female president is elected or whether the largest gender gap in history is made. It wasn’t until the late 19th century until women had the right to vote. Since then women have been using this to their advantage, especially with this election. Not only do we have a female candidate, but we now have more women turning out to vote.

“An average of three recent national polls shows that women prefer Clinton by roughly 13 points, while men prefer Trump by 12, totaling a 25-point gap.” This gap could be the largest in modern history. This may be due to the fact that the major party candidate is a female, however it could just be the women’s party identification.In women’s voting history, they have heavily voted Democratically. People’s party identification plays a larger role then demographic factors. However, Trump has played a large part to moving the women’s vote Hillary’s way.

Trump plays a major role in this gender gap. As everyone knows, the media has portrayed Trump as being a racist, and being sexist. Since the audio tapes were released, many women were disgusted with him. Over half of all women voters were unfavorable of Trump at one point. This leads to the conclusion that he could be pushing women’s votes Hillary’s way. Since the audio tapes were released so late in the election, Trump did not have much time to fix the issue. His campaign has always been primarily focused on masulinity and it has overall stayed that way till tonight.

With only a couple of hours left in the election, we will find out if the women voters turned out and voted the way their history has been. I believe that they will, and Hillary will end up being the next president. With Trumps allienation of women, as well as Hillary’s debate tactic reaching out to the specific audience of women, the gender gap will become the largest it has ever been in over 60 years.