The Truth Sets You Free

The Vice Presidential debate showcased one of the most meaningful debates in this 2016 Presidential election. Pence and Kaine both “offered an unexpected exchange of ideas about their deeply held religious beliefs” in this debate showing the voters where they stand and how the voters can relate to these men. The Presidential race this year  has been unlike any others with the way Trump speaks rhetorically, he uses “inflammatory rhetoric” that rubs many voters the wrong way. Pence, at the Vice Presidential debate, showed potential undecided voters (or fair-weather voters) that Trump’s ticket holds some experience and steadiness. Pence throughout the campaign has successfully appealed to the ethos of many voters that Trump alone could not grasp. When Pence was asked about American involvement in Syria, he answered fully and confidentially showing how prepared he was while Trump barely knows this plan himself. Pence seemed to be credible during the whole debate by his steady manner and tone. Pence may be hurting his companion more by showing voters the contrast to the man that could be your president. The Republicans are thinking why isn’t Pence our man? He may have been able to be a candidate to win instead of a figure head. Like we talked about in class, Pence is the master of deflecting and ignoring questions he doesn’t want to answer. Pence said he would defend his candidate when it came down to it but never did so during the debate, he more often deflected the questions and answered how he wanted to no matter what Trump said. Pence also stated that Trump has not said a lot of things that he has in fact said, not smart on the topic of rhetoric. Lying tells the audience that neither of the candidates are meant for the race because no one wants a liar as a president and of course no one wants two liars running their country. Hillary and Kaine are both in the same boat with many lies held under their belts as well. In the grand scheme of things, it looks like the Democratic side has less.


The Vice-Presidential Debate: Substance and Style



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  1. I very strongly agree with you about your comments on Pence and what he has done for the Republican Party. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog with a similar undertone–Pence brings to the ticket what Trump lacks and it’s leaving many Republican supporters asking why he isn’t their man. While he does still have some flaws, like lying about Trump’s previous statements, I personally believe he has done a very good job covering for Trump as more and more scandals and “dirt” pile up about the Presidential candidate. Neither of the two VP candidates are perfect by any means, but I agree with you in your argument that Pence has done a better job in winning back Republican voters and providing a little more confidence in a party that desperately needs it.

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