Trump the Challenger

Florida is a battleground between Clinton and Trump in the presidential election. It is imperative that Trump win’s Florida to gain their 29 electoral votes. Trump’s second home is in Florida, so he has a slight home advantage over Clinton to win the state. Florida is crucial for Trump, so it is no coincidence that Trump scheduled not one, but two rallies on October 24th in Florida. Trump’s rally in Tampa attracted over 20,000 people who showed up to support him. As the challenger candidate, Trump uses the advocate for change rhetorical style by describing the changes he will create if he is put in office. Opening his speech, Trump appealed to his audience by listing reasons for them to elect him as president on November 8th. One of the first reasons he listed was that he would restore law and order to the country. Trump declared himself the advocate for change and accused Clinton of being “the defender of the corrupt status quo.” Rhetorically, Trump is appealing to the audience to elect him for the change he will incite in the country and the restoration of law and order.

Trump effectively blames the unrest in our country on Clinton and the Democratic party and asks the citizens of Florida to vote for him to bring rest and order back to America. Trump discussed the rising crime rates and blamed the rise of crime on the result of the Democratic control. As a change advocate, Trump is doing a good job of rhetorically appealing to minorities who desire change from the current government. At his rally in Tampa, Trump specifically reaches out to Hispanics, begging them to vote for him because, what have they got to lose? Trump is desperately appealing to voters to support him. I’m not sure begging will be beneficial for Trump, but he is really playing his cards right by calling for a change and restoring law and order in the country. Keep trying, Trump. The game is not over for you quite yet.

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  1. I agree that it is a good idea to begin talking about change. As he opposes the incumbent candidate, it’s important to highlight the ways in which the Democratic Party has blundered and how he intends to fix it.

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