Trumping Trade or Getting Trumped?

We’ve heard it once weve heard it a million times Trump is bringing jobs back from China. Yeah we get it Donald. You are going to make America great again. In order to make America great again we truly do need the jobs back in here in America just as almost anyone can agree, we need to stop importing our goods from China. We all watched just last week as Trump tore down not just one but both of the Clintons in the Debate as he called NAFTA “The single worst trade deal ever approved in this country.” His argument when referring to our loss of jobs to places such as China and other countries Trump called out Ford. He claimed that “thousands of jobs were leaving Michcigan and Ohio.”

Does anyone remember the question asked in class.. It was something along the lines of “Will the rhetorical style or substance of the candidates determine the winner of the debate?” I don’t know about you all but rhetorical style is something we all are susceptible to. Although here substance is extremely important we are human and inclined to follow who makes the situation look better and sound better. As Trump called out Ford they were quick to fire back on their Twitter and inform America that jobs had not been lost and as a matter of fact the U.S. Ford factories were planned to produce two new car designs this year. Unfortunately for Trump substance trumped rhetorical style in this area. Although it sounded like a good argument we quickly learned it had no truth. We agree that jobs need to come back from China and other countries but can we believe what Trump is saying if he doesn’t even know what is already taking place.


More importantly lets not forget the comment Trump made when referring to China. Trump accused China of “Devaluing their currency” in efforts to make more profit off trade. What Trump is accusing China of doing is something that hasn’t happened in 18 months and seems to be a dead issue for now. We need Trump to take his focus to the issues on trade which really have been of no benefit to our country and that are going to help put money back in America’s pocket. Criticizing NAFTA and the way China devalues their currency does nothing to show us how we are going to get our jobs back or how we are going to reduce trade with China and these other countries.