Trump’s Business is Our Business

The Leak

In a strange chain of events, one of the largest controversies in the sea of controversies that is the 2016 Presidential Election has been quelled. A group or individual from within the Trump organization sent The New York Times a letter containing excerpts of Trump’s tax returns. Trump’s vehement refusal to release his records (which makes him the first GOP candidate to do so since Nixon nine election cycles ago) led many to question the legitimacy of his business practices, and more detrimentally, of his tycoon-esque persona. After this leak, it is evident that these concerns were pretty realistic.


According to the leaked documents, Trump’s supposed avoidance of income tax (that he believes ‘makes him smart’) is the byproduct of an almost $1 billion (nine zeros!) loss in 1995 when he was attempting to open a casino. This serious of a loss apparently constitutes a break from income tax for twenty years and thus we have the logic behind his choice to withhold the information.


 Does it Matter?

At the end of the day, the most important question to ask in light of the slew of scandals that have been occurring is, “Who cares?”. In short, my opinion is a resounding ‘no one’. Trump’s lack of success in the business world and his reliance on his father’s bailouts isn’t new information; it has been readily available for those who seek it out for some time now. At this point in the race, Clinton and Trump have their core supporters. Another example of a failed business is not going to hurt Trump just as another batch of released emails is not going to affect Hillary. If anything, I feel that Trump’s biggest concerns should be his inability to perform in debates or refrain from witching-hour Twitter rants. Trump’s business is the last of his worries; his inherent instability and perceived lack of intelligence will be his downfall long before his corporate savviness comes into play.


NOTE: This was supposed to be posted on Thursday Oct. 6th, but there were problems with WordPress.