What will it take?


If you have yet to hear about the release of a tape in which Trump sexually degrades women on multiple levels, then this post should catch you up. In this tape, Trump goes on to say extremely explicit words that I find overall disgusting and horrible and would prefer not to repeat. However, I would like to discuss how this new turn of events could play a part in how the rest of this election pans out.


After listening and taking in this conversation, I was not shocked by the rhetoric of the conversation because Trump is known for his extreme language and profanity. However, the timing of the release of this video is crucial in how Trump will continue to do in concordance to the female vote.

Many women are disgusted and have gone to great links to discourage others to not vote for Trump. Hilary Clinton has already spoken out about this video and its content, and therefore capitalized on her platform that he is not fit to be President.

But many conservative females will continue to vote for Trump regardless of his elicit and volatile language and nature. This is a very interesting trend, because in a time where women are striving for equality, the majority of conservative women will cover their eyes and ears to problems such as this because they are so loyal to their party and traditional beliefs.

As we have discussed in class, Trump had done a great job relating and catering to the overall ideal of the traditional conservative voter. Because of this, his voters have and will continue to vote for him regardless of present and future problems his campaign may face.

This tendency raises the question: Ultimately, what would Hilary Clinton have to do in order to sway this portion of voters?