Wifred Owen, “A Terre” and “Dulce et Decorum Est” (BABL B 1346-1347, 1350 

Literary Terms: stanza, lyric 


Virginia Woolf (Vanessa Bell, 1912)

Virginia Woolf, “Modern Fiction” (BABL B 1399-1403) and “Kew Garden” (BABL B 1386-1390)

Literary Terms: modernism, stream-of-consciousnes


James Joyce, “Araby” (BABL B 1435-1438) 

Literary Terms: modernism, stream-of-consciousness

Second Essay due date to be determined


T. S. Eliot, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (BABL B 1516-1518)


Phillip Larkin, “Church Going,” “Annus Mirabilis,” and “This Be the Verse” (BABL B 1681-1682, 1682, 1683)


Derek Walcott, “A Far Cry from Africa” and “Ruins of a Great House” (BABL B 1701, 1701-1702

Literary Terms: allusion, free verse, lyric poetry


Seamus Heaney, “Digging” (BABL tba)


Margaret Atwood, “The Immigrants” (BABL B 1728-1729)

Carol Ann Duffy, “John Barleycorn” (BABL B 1776-1777)

Simon Armitage, “The English” and “Poundland” (BABL B 1831)

Literary Terms: allusion, free verse

 Last Day of Class

Head of Minerva, Roman Baths, England

Louise Bennet, “Colonization in Reverse” (BABL B 1810)

Jackie Kay, “In My Country” and “Extinction” (BABL B 1830)

Alice Oswald, “Dunt” (BABL 1832-1833)

Literary Terms: allusion, anaphora, lyric, rhyme, repetition, postcolonial theory/studies


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