Tuesday, February 4th

Sketch of an eolian harp

Introduction to Romanticism (BABL B 1-35)

Charlotte Smith, Sonnet 1 (“The partial Muse, has from my earliest hours”)  and Sonnet 70 (“On being cautioned against walking on an headland overlooking the sea”), pub. 1784-1797, (BABL B: 50 and 52)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “The Eolian Harp,” 1795, (BABL B 313-314)

William Cowper, “The Castaway”, 1799, also in  BABL 18th-C: 886-888

Literary Terms: sonnet, lyric, and ode

Forms of Lyric Poetry

Thursday, February 6th

First Semester Exam (Description)

First Essay Assigned: Due Saturday, March 7th at 11:00pm


Tuesday, February 11th

Samuel Colman, “Tintern Abbey with Elegant Figures,” c. 1815

Samuel Taylor Coleridge,  “Frost at Midnight,” 1798, and excerpt from Biographia Literaria, Chapter 13,  On the Imagination, 1817 (BABL B 317-318 and 347)

William Wordsworth,  “Expostulation and Reply,”  “The Tables Turned” (182-183)

Dorothy Wordsworth, “Grasmere–A Fragment,” written 1805 (BABL B 276)

Literary Terms: personal lyric, dramatic lyric, ballad, ode, and blank verse

Definitions of the Romantic Ballad, Lyric, and Ode

Thursday, February 13th

William Wordsworth, from the Preface to Lyrical Ballads (BABL B 186-194), “Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”, and “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” pub. 1807 (BABL B 182-185 and 210-212)

Literary Terms: review ballad, lyric, and ode


Tuesday, February 18th

Lord Byron in Albanian dress, painted by Thomas Phillips (1813)

Byron, Excerpt from The Giaour (BABL B 451-456) and Dedication to Don Juan and Canto I, stanzas 1 through 103 PRINT UP AND BRING TO CLASS. Rev. 2/17 to fix error in both pagination and the number of stanzas assigned.

Literary Terms: ottava rima, ode, sonnet

Thursday, February 20th

Belived to be a sketch of Jane Austen, by her sister Cassandra Austen

P.B. Shelley, “Ode to the West Wind” and “England in 1819” (BABL B 470-471; 485)

Literary Terms: terza rima, ode, sonnet


Tuesday, February 25th

Jane Austen, Persuasion, Volume I, Chapters I through XII

Read Appendix H in Broadview Persuasion

In BABL B read Charlotte Smith, “Written at the Close of Spring” (BABL B 50)

Literary Terms: characterization, dialogue, flashback/flashforward, foil, free indirect style/free indirect discourse, narrative perspective, narrator, novel

Extra Credit Opportunity TODAY: Dr. Sharon Weltman  will be speaking on “Victorians on Broadway: Melodrama and Gender Performance in Jekyll and Hyde,” at 4:30pm in Park Hall 265.

You may receive up to 3 extra point on the next semester exam by attending this talk. Please pay close and respectful attention during the presentation. After the talk, submit a 2-paragraph response. Your response should go beyond mere summary, making connections to literature you have studied or read, ideally in this class, but everything you’ve read is fair game. 

Link to department event page: https://english.uga.edu/events/content/2020/victorians-broadway-melodrama-and-gender-performance-jekyll-and-hyde-dr-sharon

Thursday, February 27th

Jane Austen, Persuasion, Volume II, Chapter I through VI

In BABL B read William Wordsworth, “I griev’d for Buonaparte” (BABL B 204)

Read Appendix F in Broadview Persuasion (289-293)

Important scenes from Volume I

First Meeting (94), which moves between Anne and Wentworth

“Perpetual Estrangement” in the Musgroves’ parlor (97; 105)

Scene with “little Walter” (111)

Walk to Winthrop (114); Nut gathering (116)

Trip to Lyme: visit to Captain Harville (127), Benwick and poetry (130), Meeting with Mr. Elliot (132), Louisa’s fall (137), Wentworth’s “glow” (141-142)

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