The Castle of Chillon, Switzerland

Revised March 15, 2020

6 poetry reports and two novel reports / 50%
Description of poetry reports
Further advice on poetry reports

You must turn in 3 poetry reports by Thursday, February 27th

Revisions to Poetry Reports: Revisions to the first set of poetry reports are due by the semester examination on March 3rd. You must turn in the original submission as well as the revision.

You also have the option of doing a 4th poetry report, which may be turned in with your 3rd report if necessary. If you complete a 4th report, I’ll drop your lowest grade.

The last of the final 3 poetry reports are due by Tuesday, April 21st (Due date subject to change)

Description of novel reports

The novel report on The Memoirs of Emma Courtney is due by Saturday, February 1st. The due date for the novel report on Persuasion will be announced in time.

Semester Exam / 15% / Tuesday, March 3rd
Description and List of Literary Terms

Long Essay / 15% 
Assignment description to be posted

Due dates to be announced in time Essay Prospectus due no later than ???
Final Draft of Essay due no later than ???

Final Exam still scheduled / 15% / Thursday, April 30th, 12:00pm
Description to be posted

In-class essay, participation and attendance / 5%