Associated with Poetry

Prosody, meter, verse, scansion

accent, syllable

Iamb/iambic foot, trochee/trochaic foot, anapest/anapestic foot, dactyl/dactylic foot, spondee/spondaic foot, pyrrhic foot

Monometer, dimeter, trimester, tetrameter, pentameter, hexameter, an Alexandrine, heptameter

Caesura, end-stopped lines, run-on lines/enjambment

 Alliteration, assonance, consonance, euphony, cacophony, onomatopoeia

Rhyme, including near rhyme, end rhyme, internal rhyme, rising rhythm and falling rhythm

 Stanza, tercet, quatrain, couplet

Poetic Forms

English and Italian Sonnet

Lyric, personal lyric, dramatic lyric


Lyrical Ballad

Heroic Couplet

Blank Verse



See Verse forms of the Romantic Era

Associated with Poetry and Prose

Rhetorical Figures and Figures of Speech: alliteration, chiasmus , antithesis, anaphora, hyperbole, oxymoron, metaphor and simile, symbol, parallelism, personification, poetic diction

Sound Devices: assonance, cacophony, consonance, dissonance, euphony

Other important terms: apostrophe, rhetorical questions, synaesthesia

Associated with the Novel

Epistolary novel, narrative perspective/narrator, flashback/flashforward