The information below concerns assignments remaining after we shift to online learning on March 31st.

In-class essay, participation and attendance / 5%

Either 2 or 3 poetry reports and one novel report / 25% / If you do 6 poetry reports over the course of the semester, I’ll drop the lowest grade.

You will now be turning in the poetry reports and novel report on eLC. You can find the appropriate folder under Tools > Assignments > ie. Poetry Report 4, etc.

Description of poetry reports
Further advice on poetry reports

Revisions to Poetry Reports: Revisions to poetry reports will be due by our last online class meeting. You must turn in the original submission as well as the revision.

Description of novel reports

The novel report on Persuasion will be due by 11:00pm the day before our first class meeting to discuss the novel. Please have the novel read in its entirety.

In order to take some stress off of you during the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am offering you a choice in terms of the remaining 30% of your grade.

You can either complete both the Long Essay / 15%  described below and the 6 writing prompts / 15% assigned for each of our meetings


You can choose to not write the Long Essay and instead have the 6 writing prompts count for 30% of your grade.


Long Essay / 15% 

Long Essay Description and Requirements

Your essay prospectus is due on Monday, April 28th at 11:00pm, which is two weeks prior to the final draft . A prospectus is a description of the essay that you intend to write. The more specific you are in terms of argument and evidence the better I can assist you in shaping your argument. It should be no less than 1 full paragraph and no more that 2 paragraphs.

Final draft of the essay due by Thursday, May 7th at 5:00pm. You’ll turn the essay via electronic submission directly to my email. Details to follow

Assignment in lieu of the Final Exam  / 15% / 6 writing prompts worth 10 points a piece

You will be asked to respond to short writing prompts prior to each class meeting so that I can efficiently respond to questions or misconceptions during our Zoom class meetings.  I’ll be adding required external sources to assist you in your independent study.

You can find the appropriate folder in our eLC site: Tools > Assignments > ie. March 31st, Writing Prompts, etc.

    • You’ll be doing poetry reports and novel reports as well, so feel free to use sections of one assignment to feed into the other. For example, one of the writing prompts for the 31st asks you to define the ottava rima stanza used by Byron in Don Juan. You can use this writing prompt to respond to the section on the poetry report that concerns form.
    • For each prompt, you should expect to write one good paragraph. It needs to be more than 2 or 3 sentences but should never be more than 8 or so.
    • Your responses should be well written and carefully proofread.
    • You should also properly cite textual evidence, which is required in order to receive full credit.
    • I’ll be using this holistic grade rubric, as I do for all of your assignments. Each set of writing prompts is worth 10 points:  A (10-9), B (8), C (7), D (6).
    • When we meet as a class, I might ask you to share your response with the class via screen sharing, so make sure that they are available to you during our meeting time.

In-class essay, participation and attendance / 5%