For English 4505, I am taking a “hybrid synchronous” approach. This means that half the enrolled students will attend class in person and the other half will attend class on Zoom. On the first day of class, I will assign you to either the Tuesday or Thursday “in person” group. You will attend class in Park Hall on that day throughout the semester, unless you are sick, not feeling well, have a legitimate excuse, etc.  My approach to this semester is built on my belief that in-person learning matters, but that it must be conducted safely (masks, social distance, limiting number of students in the classroom, not coming to class if you’re not feeling well).

Although I will lecture from time to time, most of the class will be devoted to discussion of the assigned reading, and I expect everyone coming to Park Hall on either Tuesday or Thursday to actively participate. Good participation involves completing the daily class assignment on eLC before class and then attending class ready to respond to questions in an informed manner, engage with others’ ideas respectfully, and contribute to group work, etc. Discussion will be centered on students in person during the class period, although students attending class on Zoom will be able to see and listen to class discussion, and to offer comments and questions through the Chat function. If the technology proves to be reliable, those students attending class on Zoom may be able to more involved in the discussion.

In case of a complete classroom technology fail, I’d like us all to have a backup plan. If at all possible, please bring a laptop — or some other technology — to class preloaded with  Zoom. For example, I have Zoom on my phone in case something happens with my laptop. If you need assistance in getting good internet access or technology, please let me know and I’ll direct you to the proper resources on campus.

I am flexible about changing the class format if the “half the class in Park Hall/half on Zoom” is not working well; we will see how it goes! I greatly appreciate your feedback about how to make this hybrid class as successful as possible under the circumstances (please feel free to share your suggestions).

Participation Grade

Since class discussion is an important component of the class, I will count participation towards your grade and expect you to attend class in person and on zoom if you are healthy. Due to covid-19, please do not come to class if you are sick or are not feeling well, and please stay in good communication with me if you are unable to attend class for a period of time due to sickness and/or quarantine, so that we can arrange a schedule for completing missed work. If it’s possible for you to participate in class via zoom while in quarantine please let me know.  Absences due to sickness, quarantine, etc. are excused absences. When technology allows, our classroom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to eLC but given the nature of Park Hall’s technology, I cannot guarantee that this will always be successful.

If you are attending class via Zoom, I will expect you to: 1. Be dressed as though you are sitting in a Park Hall classroom. 2. Have your camera on. If you feel uncomfortable with showing your home, you can upload a static background. 3. Never drive while on Zoom. 4. Act as though you are in Park Hall (i.e. no doing dishes, making the bed, or surfing the internet.)

I will determine your participation grade along the following lines:

A= Always prepared for class; regular, active participation; rare unexcused absences
B= Always prepared for class; frequent participation; rare unexcused absences
C=Usually prepared for class; occasional participation; occasional unexcused absences
D=Often unprepared for class; infrequent participation; many unexcused absences
F=Usually unprepared for class; consistent lack of participation; many unexcused absences