You will be asked to respond to short writing prompts prior to each Tuesday class meeting. Late assignments will lose 1 point per day that they are late.

You can find the appropriate folder in our eLC site: Tools > Assignments > ie. Tuesday, January 19th, Writing Prompt, etc.

  • For each Tuesday class, you will receive 1-2 writing prompts, you must respond to each prompt with at least 1 but no more than 2 good paragraphs. Each paragraph needs to be at least 5 sentences but shouldn’t be more than 8 or so. Your responses should be well written and carefully proofread.
  • You should also properly cite textual evidence, and ideally one direct quote,  in order to receive full credit. As long as you are using one of the assigned editions, you only need to cite page number. If you are using an alternate edition, you’ll need to provide a full MLA citation.
  • I expect these short writing assignments to use MLA convention of noting titles as well as proper in-text citation.
  • I’ll be using this holistic grade rubric, as I do for all of your assignments. Each set of writing prompts is worth 10 points:  A (10-9), B (8), C (7), D (6).
  • When we meet as a class, I might ask you to share your response with the class, so make sure that they are available to you during our meeting time.

Examples of Strong Responses

Whenever possible, I’ll read your responses prior to our class meetings so as to efficiently respond to questions or misconceptions.