Wednesday, March 2nd

 Pride and Prejudice (1813)

Presentation: Nneoma Ike-Njoku
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Wednesday, March 9th / Spring Break

Wednesday, March 16th

Jo Baker, Longbourn (2013)

Ibi Zoboi, Pride (2018)

Presentation: Alison Harris
Fowler, Corinne. “Revisiting Mansfield Park: The Critical and Literary Legacies of Edward W. Said’s Essay ‘Jane Austen and Empire’ in Culture and Imperialism (1993).” The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry, vol. 4, no. 3, 2017, pp. 362–381., doi:10.1017/pli.2017.26.

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Wednesday, March 23rd

Anon, The Woman of Colour (1808)

Frances Burney, The Wanderer (1814), Volume I (Can be read on the Project Gutenberg website if you do not have the OUP edition.)

The History of Mary Prince (1831) in the Course Packet (24-50)

Presentation: Emily Beckwith
Denys Van Renen, “‘The Temple of Folly’: Transatlantic ‘Nature,’ Nabobs, and Environmental Degradation in The Woman of Colour” (2016).

Olivia Carpenter, “‘Rendered Remarkable’: Reading Race and Desire in The Woman of Colour” (2021).

From Jennifer Reed’s “Moving Fortunes: Caribbean Women’s Marriage, Mobility, and Money in the Novel of Sentiment” (2019) (pp. 509-14, 520-25, 528). 

Wednesday, March 30th

Promotional material for an adaptation by Kate Hamill performed with “non-traditional” casting

Austen, Mansfield Park (1814)

Slavery and its Contexts: Course Packet (Lewis 77-83)

Selections from Helena Kelly, Jane Austen, the Secret Radical, Icon Books, 2017. “The Authoress” and “The chain and the cross

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Mansfield Park: Critical Overview

Wednesday, April 6th

 Austen, Emma (1815)

Presentation: Sammi Richt

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Wednesday, April 13th

Still of filming for upcoming Persuasion starring Dakota Johnson

 Austen, Persuasion (1817)

Presentation: Brianna Phillips

Critical Reading:
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Wednesday, April 20th

Jane Austen, draft of Sanditon

Jane Austen and Kate Riordan, Sanditon (2019)

Julia Quinn, The Duke and I (2015; Netflix edition 2020)

You are also expected to watch both the first season of Sanditon (streaming on PBS) and the first season of Bridgerton (Netflix).

20th and 21st Century Responses to Austen in Film and Popular Culture
Presentation: Cat Maloney

Luders-Manuel, Shannon. “The ‘Tragic Mulatta’ of Bridgerton.” JSTOR Daily, 2021. 

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Crystal Clarke as Miss Lambe in Sanditon (2019)

Wednesday, Apr 27th / Last Day of Class

Essay Workshop

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