We will be using a Custom Course Packet that will only be available in the UGA Bookstore (Broadview Publishers: ISBNs listed below).

You must have the books and course packet by the second day of class. 

I’ve had the Course Packet bundled with several of the other books that we’ll be reading this semester and they have bundled four of the other titles, as well. You can buy the individual texts elsewhere but (overall) this will be the cheapest way to get all of the readings. IF YOU BUY THE BOOKS ELSEWHERE YOU MUST ALSO BUY THE COURSE PACK. I’ve asked the bookstore to order some separately from the bundles but they have been slow to come in.

Bundle #1 (ISBN 978-1-4881-1068-9, $76.30):

  • Eberle custom text [Excerpts from Broadview Anthologies: Eighteenth-Century and Romanticism]
  • The Woman of Colour
  • Evelina
  • An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting

Bundle #2 (ISBN 978-1-4881-1069-6, $70.85):

  • The Turkish Embassy Letters
  • The Victim of Prejudice
  • Emmeline
  • Mary, A Fiction and The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria

Other required text:

  • Ann Radcliffe, Romance of the Forest, Oxford University Press, ISBN-13: 978-0199539222 ($12.95; Used from $4.04 on abebooks.com)

You must buy THESE editions of the novels. I know that there are many free eBooks out there but you really must purchase the editions that I’ve listed above and below in order to keep up in class.

The texts below are available bundled above but I’m listing them individually for you as well. You will see that I’ve included the press’s price, the ePub price (when available) and the cost of a used book, if you prefer. If you are confused by any of this, please send me an email: eberle@uga.edu

  • Anonymous, The Woman of Colour, Broadview Press, ISBN: 9781551111766 / 1551111764 ($23.95; ePub $15.95; I haven’t found a very inexpensive used copy on either abebooks.com or Amazon but you may be able to get it used at the UGA Bookstore since it has been taught several times in our department.)
  • Frances Burney, Evelina, Broadview Press, ISBN: 9781551112374 / 155111237X / 704 pages ($16.96; ePub $10.95; Used from $4.00 on abebooks.com)
  • Jane Collier, The Art of Ingeniously Tormenting, Broadview Press ISBN: 9781551110967 / 1551110962 / 218 pages ($24.95; PDF $16.95; Used from $9.74 on abebooks.com)
  • Mary Hays, The Victim of Prejudice, Broadview Press, ISBN: 9781551112176 / 1551112175 / 260 pages ($19.95; ePub $13.95; Used from $3.98)
  • Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Turkish Embassy Letters, Broadview Press, ISBN: 9781554810420 / 1554810426 ($22.95; $14.95 ePub; Used from $9.09 on abebooks.com)
  • Charlotte Smith, Emmeline, Broadview Press, ISBN: 9781551113593 / 1551113597 / 520 pages ($27.95; Used from $7.85 on abebooks.com)
  • Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary, A Fiction and The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria, Broadview Press: ISBN: 9781554810222 / 1554810221 ($18.95; ePub $11.95; Used from $6.79 on abebooks.com)