Monday, November 4th

Ann Radcliffe, Romance of the Forest (Volume I)

ODNB Entry

Edmund Burke and the Sublime

The Sublime and the Beautiful

Tuesday, November 5th

Extra Credit Opportunity: Dr. Tricia Matthew will be speaking on “’for dead weight’: Sugar, Literature, and Anti-Slavery Material Culture” at 4:30pm in Park Hall 265. You are also invited to the reception afterwards.

You may receive up to 2 extra point on your final exam by attending this talk. Please pay close and respectful attention during the presentation. After the talk, submit a 2-paragraph response. Your response should go beyond mere summary, making connections to literature you have studied or read, ideally in this class, but everything you’ve read is fair game. 

Link to department website: https://english.uga.edu/events/content/2019/dead-weight-sugar-literature-and-anti-slavery-material-culture-dr-patricia

Wednesday, November 6th

Ann Radcliffe, Romance of the Forest (Begin Volume II, through Chapter XI, pg. 172)


Helen Maria Williams (1759-1827), Lily Harrington

Anne Plumptre (1760-1818), Rachel Allen

Monday, November 11th 

Ann Radcliffe, Romance of the Forest (Finish the novel)

In-Class Writing: In what ways does the conclusion of this novel align with the conclusions of other novels read this semester? Be as specific as possible when responding to this prompt but without using your book.

Wednesday, November 13th

Mary Wollstonecraft, Maria; or, the wrongs of woman (Begin novel, pg. 155 and read through Chapter V, pg. 206)

Please bring Course Packet to class so that we can refer to A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Some pertinent quotes from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman for today’s discussion


Monday, November 18th

Finish Wollstonecraft’s Maria

Mary Hays, The Victim of Prejudice (Volume I, 1-85)

In-class writing:

  1. Which ending of Maria do you think is most likely? Is it the same ending that you would prefer? Why?
  2. Connect at least one plot point, theme, or character from A Victim of Prejudice to another novel read earlier this semester.

Wednesday, November 20th

It’s time to evaluate English 4460! 1 course evaluation = 1 donut on Monday, December 2nd

Mary Hays, The Victim of Prejudice (Conclude Novel)

Mary Hays, from Appeal to the Men of Great Britain on Behalf of Women (Hays 216-222)

ODNB Entry

Mary Robinson, Selections from A Letter to the Women of England (Course Pack) and read the “List of British Female Literary Characters Living in the Eighteenth Century” <https://romantic-circles.org/editions/robinson/mrletterfrst.htm>


Eliza Fenwick (1766?-1840), Jordyn Pedersen

Romantic-Era Clothing: Nineteenth-Century Fashion Shifts

Fashion History Timeline (1790-1799)

Monday, November 25th

Essay Writing Workshop and Meetings

It’s time to evaluate English 4460! 1 course evaluation = 1 donut on Monday, December 2nd

Wednesday, November 27th

No Class /Thanksgiving

Monday, December 2nd

In-Class Writing: Generate at least 2 essay prompts suitable for the final. In other words, the prompt should be sweeping enough to include all of the works read this semester but specific enough to elicit a good essay. You may choose to name specific works and authors in your prompt.

Response from Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, and Group 6

Anon, The Woman of Colour

Evaluate English 4460! 1 course evaluation = 1 donut today!

Wednesday, December 4th

No Class / Friday Schedule


Final Exam: Monday, December 9th at 8:00am-11:00am

Second Essay Due anytime prior to Thursday, December 12th (electronic submission)


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