I will expect you to use the following editions. If you have individual volumes of poetry, feel free to bring that to class discussion. As long as we are working from the same version, line numberings should be consistent with each other across editions.

Broadview Anthology of British Literature, Volume 4: Age of Romanticism (ISBN  9781551114040). I’ve ordered this largely for economy’s sake. If you intend to specialize in the field, I’d recommend that you purchase scholarly editions for each author. I’d recommend collected works published by Oxford UP, Cambridge UP, and Norton, although the collected works of women writers have tended to be published by other presses as well, particularly Broadview and Princeton UP.

M. H. Abrams, Glossary of Literary Terms, 11th edition (ISBN 9781285465067). A simply invaluable resource that every literary scholar should own, I’ll be asking you to refer to specific entries throughout the semester. Feel free to use an older edition if you have one and to supplement your reading by referring to similar glossaries and handbooks. See for example, Critical Terms for Literary Study, The New Princeton Handbook of Poetry Terms,etc.

Jane Austen, Emma, Norton Critical Edition (ISBN 9780393927641). I have not placed an order for this at the UGA bookstore, so please do purchase it from the bookseller of your choice. I’m happy to put an order in for it at Avid Bookstore, however.

William Godwin, Caleb WilliamsBroadview Press (ISBN 9781551112497)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads: 1798 and 1800, Edited by Michael Gamer and Dahlia Porter, Broadview Press (ISBN 9781551116006)

Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, Broadview Press (ISBN 9781554812592)

Mary WollstonecraftLetters written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, Broadview Press (ISBN 9780199230631)