World Food Programme (WPF)

The World Food Programme (WPF) is an organization in the United Nation’s larger system that focuses on food aid. On their website they have access to recent updates in food aid progress around the world, and even specific case studies on the status of food aid in some of the most struggling countries around the world. According to their site the ultimate goal of the organization is to “eliminate the need for food aid”.

When it comes to the information on food aid in Brasil, the website seems to show a very one-sided, idealistic version of this problem. Understandably since the organization’s purpose of their website is to collect donations to fund their cause, they seem to skip over where their programs are lacking. The website focuses on Brasil’s achievement in their Zero Hunger strategy by having the oldest and most successful school lunch program. They also describe Brasil’s improvement in local communities through the financial support of sustainable family farming.

Because WPF is a program supported through the United Nations it makes sense that the information presented on the site is very positively focused and neutral, forgetting to mention how race and class play a role in Brasil’s hunger problem. By ignoring the influences of race and class struggles, WPF is able to turn hunger in Brasil into a beautiful success story with key missing components. While Brasil’s positive image may help the organization gain more donations, Brasil still has hunger problems and by withholding that information they are not helping the country or giving a full, accurate account of the current situation.