Mapa da Fome No Brasil

This map was produced by the World Food Programme, to show the intensities of hunger seen in countries around the world as of 2014. The map focuses on what the World Food Programme considers to be the direct results of its project called “Zero Hunger” highlighting the countries that are in the most dire need of immediate relief, and the difference a small donation can make.

The world map shown was created and endorsed by the World Food Programme as part of ts Zero Hunger campaign. The WPF is an organization supported and funded by the United Nations. Because this organization is funded by the UN, their map is very selective with the areas that show hunger, and depicts Brasil has having almost no hunger. They depict Brasil this way to try and create supporting evidence that their Zero Hunger program works in order to gain the support of more donors. It makes perfect sense that WPF and the UN would not want to highlight how there is still an unfair distribution among those that are hungry in countries that seemingly have little problems according to the map. The incomplete view their map shares leaves out how they do not try to help the social or economic problems that lead to certain social groups having higher amounts of hunger.

Hunger in Brasil has definitely been improved with the implication of the Zero Hunger Program; however, hunger is no where near close to diminished in all areas of the country like this map shows.  A more accurate map would show the variations of hunger levels withing the country. Also, just because food is provided doesn’t always mean it is going to who needs it most, they are really just putting a band aid on the problem and calling it healed instead of fixing the underlying causes.  This map would convince people that Brasil is doing just as well as the United States and Europe which is not the case. Yes there are more severe cases, but a map like this is very biased to highlight only the problems the UN wants to focus on.