To add a post:

1. Hover over Posts on the left navigation or click +New on the admin bar.

Screenshot of the Dashboard with the Posts menu open

2. Click Add New or Post. The Add New Post page will appear. Enter a title for your post, and content in the content area.

Screenshot showing the title area and the content area
Screenshot showing the Tags and Categories areasCategories and tags

3. Select a Category for your post, if applicable. You can also create a new category by clicking the “Add a New Category” link. Categories are a way to organize and search your posts. For example, you could have a category for different topics in your course.


4. Add Tags to your posts by typing the Tag you want to add in the tag box and click Add. Tags allow you to organize your posts, like categories, but tags allow you to organize within a category.


Publishing your post

5. To publish your post, click the “Publish” button. You have several options in the Publish area:

      • Save a draft, or preview your post
      • Change the post status to Draft, or Pending Review
      • Change the post visibility: Public, Password Protected, Private
      • Publish immediately, or set a date to publish the post

Screeenshot highlighting the Publish area