You can choose from a variety of WordPress themes. We have selected themes are optimized for accessibility and usability.

To change your site theme:

1. Go to your Dashboard. Hover over “Appearance” in your left Navigation.

Screenshot of the Appearance menu in WordPress

2. Click on “Themes.” Now you’re on the Themes page. There are four available themes, and the Active theme is highlighted.

Screenshot highlighting the Active theme on the Themes page

3. To preview another theme, hover your mouse the theme thumbnail. Then, click “Live Preview.”

Screenshot highlighting Live Preview button

4. From the Live Preview screen, you can see what the theme would look like if applied to your site. You can also change theme settings to change how the preview looks. If you want to apply the new theme, click “Save & Activate” in the top left corner.

Screenshot of Live Theme Preview

Each theme has different options for menu placement, page layouts, and sidebars.