Your site is composed of two main structures: posts and pages. By default, your CTL site will have a home page, which is a static page, and a blog page, where your posts will appear.


Posts are dynamic information, usually displayed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent post at the top of the page. Common elements of a post include: title, published date, author information, content, comments, tags and categories. You can assign categories and tags to posts which make them easier to find. Posts can also appear in RSS feeds, so readers who subscribe to your blog will receive your latest post in their RSS reader.


Pages are static. They are a place for information you want to share with readers but don’t expect to update frequently. Common elements of a page includes: title, content and comments. Pages don’t have time stamps so don’t show the date they are published, and you can’t assign category and tags to pages. Pages also don’t appear in RSS feeds so readers need to visit your blog to view latest page updates.

Example: The Home page in your site is a Page. You might create an About, Contact or Rules and Guidelines page.