Gary Johnson’s Stance on Guns

In an interview about an Orlando shooting of a nightclub on June 14, 2016, Gary Johnson made his stance on guns clear: Gun Restrictions will not stop gun violence.

He stated, “I understand how so many people can believe that if you restrict this kind of weapon you can prevent this kind of incident…But there’s just no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it makes us any safer, and in fact restricting guns makes things less safe, that’s the camp that I’m in.”

He also stated, “…all of these atrocities, including what happened in Orlando, all of these shootings were in gun- free zones. The theater in Colorado, the nightclub in Orlando, the college campus shootings, Fort Hood of all places being gun-free, that’s where they are all happening.” Johnson uses many examples as a rational argument to show that even though many think it is important to create more gun-free zones, Johnson is showing that gun-free zones are areas that are being targeted.

The implications of his stance won’t seem to matter. With voting less than a month away, this race is mainly between Clinton and Trump. However, it is possible for some people who were in support of Trump’s gun policies could switch over and be willing to vote in favor of Johnson if voters aren’t in favor of Trump’s other policies. Likewise, Johnson holds a majority of votes from socially liberal populations, so it is possible that Johnson could also lose some support because he wants to decrease gun control and take away gun-free zones. If some supporters do decide to switch, the support will likely go to Clinton, which will put her further ahead and make her the likely candidate to win this election.

According to an article, “Strong pro-gun statements…will be welcome news for libertarians and conservatives.” Johnson’s stance on guns will mostly effect Moderate Conservative Voters who believe that Trump is too polar. “…libertarians and conservatives should be encouraged that Johnson is not moderating on guns…it appears that the former Republicans are holding their ground on the issue.”

One thought on “Gary Johnson’s Stance on Guns

  1. Recent polls have shown that Johnson will have a significant role to play in this Presidential race. The Libertarian Party is often socially liberal and fiscally conservative. This creates an appeal to both Republican and Democratic voters. With both Clinton and Trump having large amounts of baggage coming into the election, the Libertarian party has a great chance to steal a sizable portion of voters from both groups. Johnson’s conservative view on the prominent topic of gun control will truly set his party up to push many of the Republican parties voters away from Trump and his baggage.

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