Frontispiece to Songs of Innocence and Experience

Part I. You be asked to define 3 literary terms out of 5. A complete answer completely defines the term and describes its use in at least one chosen example from our reading this term; you should expect to write at a short paragraph for each term (i.e. approx. 5 sentence) [30 Points]. List of literary terms.

Part 2. You will be asked to identify 10 out of 12 passages from literary works read this semester. In order to receive full credit, all names and titles must be correctly spelled. In order to clearly identify which IDs I need to grade, PLEASE CROSS OUT TWO PASSAGES, otherwise I’ll only grade the first 10. [40 points]

Part 3. You will choose 1 writing prompt (out of 5) and compose a short essay in response to it. You must discuss at least three authors (and their works) in response to the prompt. You need to discuss at least two different genres in your response (i.e. poetry, the novel, non-fiction prose). [30 points]