Harold Hirsch Hall


Harold U. Hirsch (1881-1939), of Atlanta, Georgia, was an distinguished alumni of the University of Georgia. Upon graduation in 1901, Mr. Hirsch studied law at Columbia University Law School, receiving his degree in 1904. He returned to Atlanta, where he eventually served as general counsel for the Coco-Cola Company for thirty years. During counsel he fought for the trademark “Coca-Cola”, making contributions to the development of fair trade law. Mr. Hirsch also served his community in a variety of ways, establishing a scholarship for young students, and as Chairman of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee and of the Georgia Citizen Educational Movement. The Harold Hirsch building, which housed The Lumpkin Law School and The Alexander C. King Memorial Hall, was dedicated in October 29, 1932. The Red and Black wrote that “Harold Hirsch Hall is a perpetual reminder of Georgia’s most loyal living alumnus, a man who more than any other has helped the University of Georgia with all the ability of a great mind and all the fervor of an unselfish spirit.”