Depending on your theme, your WordPress site may have space for a banner. You can choose to create your own and upload it to your site. Your banner should be under 2MB in size, and the size specified by your theme. If the image you upload is not exactly the correct size, WordPress will let you crop your image to the correct size.

To upload your banner image:

1. Go to your Dashboard. Hover over “Appearance” in your left Navigation.

Screenshot of the Appearance menu in WordPress

2. Click on “Header.” Now you’re on the Custom Header page. Note the dimensions listed on the page (in this example, 1280 x 200 pixels). For best quality, your header image should be this size. To upload an image from your computer, click “Browse.”

3. Select the image you want to use for your banner. Once it’s selected, click “Upload.”

Screenshot highlighting the Browse button on the Custom header page

4. If your banner isn’t the correct size for the header area, you will be prompted to crop your image. Drag the cropping box to the area of the image you want to crop, and then click “Crop and Publish.”

Screenshot highlighting the Crop and Publish button

Your new banner is now applied to your site.