Clinton’s Creation of the Devil

We now know the results. Donald Trump has been elected as the next President of the United States and so many across the nation are heartbroken and afraid.

Hillary Clinton was a shining beacon for closing that gash of racial injustice within our country. For so many people she had rhetorically constructed herself as the golden warrior against the darkness of racial injustice. She was their savior. Now with the results of the election people are terrified. The terror and fear that Hillary Clinton pushed in regards to Donald Trump’s character and the lack of fighting that image on Trump’s part, has consumed so many United States citizens. They have found themselves in a rhetorically constructed “Hell”. Whether any of these policies or threats proposed by Trump actually go through, people have heard the rhetoric and are absolutely horrified of it.

People are so horrified that the day after the election results were announced there have been schools shut down, bomb threats, rallies, protests, and hundreds of acts of distaste towards the results. In CNN’s article¬†Thousands take to the street to protest Trump win, the authors write about the overwhelming protests of thousands of US citizens in response to Trumps win. Clinton helped to construct as the anti-Christ in regards to inclusivity and diversity.