OK so now he is the new president…but is law and order actually here to stay?

As many ofrt_trumppresident_2_19_jackie you know, Donald Trump was elected as the new 2016 President Tuesday night, November 8th or should I say early morning Wednesday. His concession speech was actually written very well and stated exactly what the American people needed to hear, “It is time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be President for all of Americans, and this is so important to me…I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.” He needed to bring the American people together of all backgrounds together and unify the country. But do all American people feel unified and able to accept the election results?

The Sun reports,“Police said at least 500 people swarmed on streets in and around UCLA, some shouting ‘f**k Trump’ and others chanting “Not my president!” It was even reported that people from downtown Portland were burning an American Flag.


Anti-Trump rallies were also happening in downtown Athens, GA. A UGA student stated: “I’m just here to stand up for who I am as a person just because Trump has degraded females, hispanics and immigrants and I fall into all three of those categories among many other categories of people that he’s degraded who I would like to stand up for,”

cr_excxwgaedfzdWith all of these rallies happening, how will Trump use  his “law and order” rhetoric to protect the police and stop them? Will he give more power to the police in such cases like these? It will be interesting to find out as time will tell.


Law and Order Candidate

donaldtrumpbigsmileAfter the shooting in Charlotte that happened recently, North Carolina has been the location of many speeches regarding the second amendment and law and order.  Recently, Donald Trump hosted a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina where he gave a speech about the second amendment, in which he used the phrase “restore law and order” three times in three sentences. Trump used short, persuasive messages to convince the people that he is the law and order candidate who will do what it takes to restore law and order to the country. Trump relied on using short sentences that would capture the attention of the audience. He used repetition to convey the idea that if he is elected into office, he truly will do what he says he will: restore law and order. He has effectively labeled himself the “law and order” candidate, but he has done little to explain what he will do if he is elected into office besides “restore law and order.”

In his speech, Trump began making statements about restoring order and how he will make changes with the police, but he failed to actually say what he would do. Trump could barely finish his thought when he said, “And the police are going to be careful and they’re going to be studied and they’re going to be — but we have to restore law and order.” Although he failed to back up his statements with evidence, Trump passionately declared that he would restore law and order to America. Trump said, “What happened in Dallas, where all of those people were shot down. Absolutely, absolutely for no reason. Viciously shot down, and so many others.” He tapped into the audience’s anxiety by referencing other shootings that have happened in America, and set himself up as the candidate for change. Rhetorically, Trump shaped his message and delivered it in a way that was exciting for the audience and made them feel that if he was elected, he really would do something to change the current state of America.



Concede or Secede

Tonight is the night. It all comes down to this. Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have gone toe to toe till the very wire. Trump failed to put the nail in the coffin as the FBI Clinton was closed. While many of the polls still favor Clinton, one question lies on the mind of many on the democratic side. What happens if Trump loses and does not Concede?

October 22, 2016

Trumps rhetoric of a rigged election has created an atmosphere of tension as the candidate refused to commit to conceding if he loses the race. This controversial refusal directly butts heads with Trump’s demand for law and order within the country. A refusal to concede a loss to Clinton would spark outrage and uncertainty with the electoral process and the validity of the results in the eyes of some supporters. of the safety status in the United States.

“Polls show about 27 percent of Trump voters would not accept the results if their candidate lost”


This is a large percentage of Trump supporters that feel disenfranchised by the system. These people have lost trust in their government and without leadership from their candidate to ease the reality of a possible loss, could turn violent.

Trump needs to take charge of his supporters and demand law and order from them despite the outcome of the election. Although the result is not set in stone, it is important to both win and lose with grace. Trump as a future leader of this country needs to lay down the law and help bring the people together in the closing moments of the election. Win or lose we will all still wake up as Americans and together we shall find a way forward in order.



Election Tuesday, but will Law & Order Stay?

With the election being this Tuesday, both candidates have been advertising heavily through tv aduntitleds, adds on social media, and their supporters have been talking about each candidate non-stop. As voters on both sides have started early voting, the reasons on why they voted for their candidate is a main topic in conversation.  Trump’s law and order message, has emphasizing rhetoric that has fueled his popularity among white working-class voters but which also threatens to antagonize the centrists likely to decide the November election”. Centrist is more than being in the middle it’s a center of acceptance and support equality and hierarchy. This along with Trumps different opinions and comments on immigration, stop-and frisk, minority relations- particularly his views on the current status of African Americans

Trump’s hard-edged message is at odds with more traditional nominees who tend to use the final weeks of the race to shore up support among voters in the middle of the political spectrum. It also comes at the same time that Trump has been attempting to reach out to minority communities with visits to black churches and charter schools, making for some awkward interactions and scenes.

This is something that Trump has been trying to show on social media and through his most recent television ads. Even with early voting having already started there is still time and plenty of undecided voters who still can potentially influence the election outcomes. I personally believe that at this point being a day before the election that majority of undecided voters have made up their mind against Trump with the different messages in his campaign, policy, and lack of political experience, but only the polls will tell.

Trump’s supporters say his “America first” message applies to minorities, immigrants and moderate voters as much as it does to conservative whites. This quote was a shocker personally to me and makes me think of various times when Trump has spoken of law and order and how his policies are requiring more policing of predominantly black and Latino men.  This along with Trump using his campaign and mostly speaking to suburban, conservative white men and women, at rallies is something that says differently.


In the end, the nation will be watching the polls and new networks to see who our 2016 president will be, but before and after the results both sides will be discussing the actions and quotes of the other candidate saying which one is better, more presidential, and who they feel should be the president.

Why Trump Should Walk the Walk With Law and Order

Throughout the entire political race, there has been quite a lot of media coverage of the violence that tends to surround Trump rallies. In fact, during the Iowa caucuses back in February, Donald Trump actually said that he’d pay for a lawyer for whoever “knocked the crap” out of the anti-Trump protesters that were present (See video below). So why is upholding “law and order” so important to him and his platform, yet when it comes to extreme Trump supporters engaging in physical altercations with other people, that value goes right out the window?


Regardless of whether Trump is right in defending his supporters, the “law and order” policies actually matter to a lot of people. If Trump wants the vote from people who have been affected by police violence, high crime rates, and other injustices in the United States, he needs to quit talking the talk and start walking the walk. If Trump wants to create a compelling narrative for himself as the “Law and Order Candidate”, he needs to adjust his rhetoric in a way that reflects that story. Rather than bragging about sexual assault or promoting violence at his own rallies, Trump needs to show his constituents that he values and upholds the law rather than hiring lawyers to find its loopholes.

The October Surprise!

hillary-clinton-goes-to-prison-in-2016-127428Throughout the presidential election, Donald Trump has continued to use “law and order” as a tactic to achieve voters. He has uses this rhetoric mainly with the issue of police brutality but also has squeezed it into Hilary Clinton’s email scandal.  Trump has continued to say that he will “Make America Safe Again” and that if elected president, he will have Hillary put in jail. Trump is channeling the law and order rhetoric into the viewer’s mind that if Hillary were to be elected, then America will not be safe and “put our national security at risk.

“The “October Surprise” was released last Friday stating that:

FBI Director James Comey notified congressional leaders that the agency had discovered more emails as part of its probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system. The emails were discovered as part of an investigation into former Congress member Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Abedin reportedly stored hundreds of thousands of emails on Weiner’s computer, which was seized by the FBI after Weiner allegedly sent illicit text messages to a 15-year-old girl.”

Trump certainty welcomed this information on his campaign trail and used it to his advantage. He recently displayed a nasty commercial sourcing from the FBI’s email announcement about “Crooked Hilary” which he refers to her as on Twitter.

Trump is now back on the FBI fan train because they are in favor of him and anti-Hillary. These emails have now created more controversy not only with Hillary but also with the FBI director, James Comey. Was it morally right for him to release this information just 11 days before the general election when it could have been a private matter? If the roles were reversed and information was released about Trump, he would be using “law and order” to say that the FBI is corrupt and out to get him but instead he gladly kept his mouth shut and used the information to his advantage.


According to a former FBI official, “There are lots of people who don’t think Trump is qualified, but also believe Clinton is corrupt…What you hear a lot is that it’s a bad choice, between an incompetent and a corrupt politician.” Has Trump done a good enough job at deflecting his unpredictable and unqualified persona onto the corrupt Hillary? Is this “October Surprise” enough to change last minute voter’s mind? We will see next week after the winner is revealed.


Speaker, Message, Audience?

On October 26, 2016, Donald Trump delivered a speech in Charlotte, North Carolina. Trump wisely chose to speak in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he and Clinton are in a tight race to win the state. After the shootings that recently occurred in Charlotte, Trump tailored his speech to fit an African American audience. Trump declared his “New Deal for Black America” where making communities safe would be his first priority. Trump proclaimed his desire to include African Americans in the “American Dream.” Without looking at the context of Trump’s speech, his message is powerful and would appear to attract many African American voters. Trump gives specific moves he will make in office and how he will work with the police to solve the crime rates in Chicago and Charlotte; however, the audience Trump delivers his speech to is not the audience he should be targeting.

Interestingly, the crowd of supporters Trump delivered his speech to was mainly white middle-aged men. The message of Trump’s speech was powerful and motivating, but he failed to deliver it to the audience he was targeting. Early in the primaries, Trump’s success came from delivering his message to an audience who would respond to it. Trump has failed to deliver messages to gain African American voters to an audience with African Americans present. Unfortunately, this is not Trump’s first time speaking to a white audience in an attempt to gain African American voters. In Des Moines, Iowa, Trump asked African American’s to vote for him, but the audience was filled with white men. Persuasive campaign rhetoric has a coherent speaker, message, and audience. In order to gain the African American votes he needs, Trump needs to deliver compelling messages to an audience with African Americans actually present to hear his speech.



Freeze! FBI October Surprise!

Throughout this election process Trump’s harsh rhetoric towards the FBI has been well documented when pertaining to the case involving Hilary Clinton and classified information being sent to and from a private server, “The FBI rolled over and the Department of Justic rolled over.”

justice-trapTrump has consistently painted his opponent as an insider that holds a different standard when it comes to being judged by the law. The Republican Presidential Candidate has not been shy with this criticism of the Law and Order of the land – often stating that there are two types of justice, “the system is rigged when Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for president, because what she did is criminal.”

But with the new probe into the emails of the Democratic Presidential Candidate just 11 days before the election, it would appear Trump is singing a new tune:

“It might be not as rigged as I thought, right?”

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress on Friday. Inside that letter was a statement saying that the bureau is further investigating additional emails that appear relevant to the Hillary Clinton email case. Moments after this announcement Trump took the stage at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, “Perhaps finally justice will be done.”

Trumps surrogates Paul Ryan, and Newt Gingrich  stormed twitter and many major news stations to follow up on the madness









This bombshell has produced many ripples in the political pond and the tides may be changing. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are almost tied in the latest Washington Post ABC Poll as democratic enthusiasm is on the decline. The Clinton camp is floundering and blaming FBI Director James Comey for this October Surprise . By reopening the case against Clinton, the democrats claim Comey deliberately acted to influence the outcome of the election.






Whether it was deliberate or poorly timed, Trump would do best to freeze in his tracks and let his opponent try swimming in the deep end these last few days. It may be too little too late for the American voter’s minds to change, but with Trump’s continuous press on talks of double standards, maybe the public will look twice at this probe into law and order.


The Past Debate on the Law & Order Race

With all the election approaching, both ends of the spectrum are discussing issues new and old about both candidates, and our famous Law & Order candidate is very much a part of that. Trump proclaims himself as the law and order candidate weeks ago, but there are still voters discussing some of the things both Trump and Clinton said in the presidential debate about race on different social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.  He described black people as “living in hell” because of gun violence, presenting “law and order” as a remedy. You might ask what does this law and order remedy have in it? This remedy includes “Trump again put forth stop-and-frisk — the former New York City police practice of stopping pedestrians and searching them for weapons — as a policy solution. In recent weeks, the Republican nominee has suggested the practice could be used in cities, like Chicago, to reduce crime.

untitledThis is one a few different remedies Trump has  on the issues of race in America . This remedy has been called into question a  few times and Trump has had different reactions when this happened. “A federal district judge in New York ruled the policy was unconstitutional; in general, the policy was found to have disproportionately affected black and Latino people. Lester Holt, in a rare push back on Trump, said a judge had ruled the tactic unconstitutional; Trump awkwardly called the judge, “a very against police” judge .And once the subject of the judge arose, Trump shifted his tone, framing himself as the candidate who has more support from police, touting his endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police. The police groups, he said, “are on my side.”

Even after the stop frisk issue, Trump’s rhetoric on race and law order took another turn when he discussed he beliefs on the black community.  With his rhetoric he has said plenty of things, but continues to make sure voters know  “what the hell do you have to lose”.  “Look, the African-American community has been let down by our politicians. They talk good around election time, like right now, and after the election, they said, see ya later, I’ll see you in four years,” said Trump. This is only a glimpse of some of the Trump Quotes on Law and Order that people are still talking about, and sharing their opinions on Trumps beliefs toward the black community.

Latinas for Trump

This weekend at a Donald Trump Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Trump spotted a sign we admittedly don’t see too often. The sign read “Latinas For Trump” and Mr. Trump actually stopped what he was saying to bring the woman with the sign up on the stage. The Latina woman, after stating that she was from Mexico, then started to speak about why she would be voting for Trump in November and it was because he is for law and order when it comes to legal immigration into the United States.

After a few se2016-10-30t191503z_1802729006_s1beujzrxfab_rtrmadp_3_usa-election-trumpconds of her overexcited babbling about how much money Trump claims illegal immigrants take away from our government, Trump embraces her and claims that she said it better than he could have.

Watch the video here

From a rhetorical perspective, I think it was smart to point out the Latina woman and bring her up on stage because it provides a tangible anecdote. Rather than just saying “Oh Latinas for Trump, we are doing so well with the Latinos!” like Trump normally does, he got a short story from this woman and people were able to put a face to the claim.

I also found it very interesting that in the video, you could see that there were signs that said “Gays for Trump” and “Women for Trump” and that they all seemed to be placed near the front (or at least in front of the camera angle”. Could this be strategic? It seems like Trump is trying to win back the people he has marginalized in the past. This may not be an October surprise, but these signs in the front row of a Trump rally sure did astound me!