Multimedia Pieces

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Throughout my writing in undergrad, I have definitely learned to adapt to different styles and media. These three pieces are my favorite multimedia pieces I have written, two for my Travel Journalism course in Munich and the other a press release for my German Senior Seminar project. The first article is a listicle, which I personally found challenging to mix with interviews I had gotten from people involved in the attractions I highlighted. The second article is a long-form piece with a video component; while I definitely have improved my filming technique, I am still really proud of myself for undergoing such a large project in a new place and mainly using my second language to conduct and arrange interviews. While the third piece featured is a press release in English, the project that I wrote about (and led) was not only entirely in German, but a German dialect specific to Wisconsin in the 1850s. Learning how to navigate linguistic and stylistic variances through different types of media has been instrumental to my growth as a writer, so I thought it would be important to feature them in my writing portfolio.