“Stick to Norway”: Intra-Fandom Politics of Transnational Distinctions, Fansubbing, and Ownership within the SKAM Internet Fandom

CURO Research II, Fall 2019

This was my first real independent research paper I wrote after completing my literature review the summer prior. I was initially drawn to this a case study after reading about the distribution method of Skam (often, as in this paper, stylized as SKAM) and how it changed the way NRK (the Norwegian public broadcasting system) approached their non-linear and youth-oriented content. However, once I started digging into the fan politics and the fansubbing (arguably a more important leg of the series’ distribution, despite being unofficial), I realized that I wanted to start with a discussion around this fandom and their particular intra-fandom particulars. I liked being able to combine my passion for media, fans, linguistics, and transnational identities, and I am still working on this research now. Below is both the paper and the poster presentation I made in spring of 2020.

This is a low-resolution version of the poster I presented for this paper at the 2020 Virtual CURO Symposium.

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