If We Were a Movie

Writing for Digital Media, Fall 2019

Background: Written for our course on writing for digital media, If We Were a Movie was the brainchild of my writing group, dubbed “the rom-com group” the first day of class. Taking that name to heart, we realized that something we desperately wanted to do was play around within the genre expectations of a rom-com, but dissect without diminishing the genre itself through ill-spirited jabs. There’s so much of the three of us in these scripts, mainly the experience of relating life through beloved media, even if that media is not the most prestigious.

Logline: Hopeless romantic Emily finds a job at an arthouse theatre, and after clashing with her coworker Graham over the validity of romantic comedies, decides to prove him wrong by giving him advice solely from the plotlines of famous rom-coms.

Length: 6 episodes, ~7 minutes each

Approach: Each of us wrote two scripts out of the six, but we all met at least twice a week to brainstorm and assist in the writing process before, during, and after the individual scripts were done. These scripts are honestly the most collaboratively I have worked on any project.

Episode Sampler: Episode 4, “My Best Friend’s First Date”

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