Perfect Match

Global Media Industries, Spring 2020

BackgroundPerfect Match was the product of a Global Industries project focusing on adapting global media. It is an adaptation of the Chinese drama Well-Intended Love, written now for an American audience. Our specific pitch was for the 18-24 demographic, even more specifically Asian-Americans within that age range. Our target distributor was mainly The CW due to their past success with similar shows and their use of fandometrics and social media to gauge popularity within our target demographic.

Series Summary: Due to an error at her doctor’s office, a young woman named Anna believes that she has leukemia and is in need of a bone marrow transplant.  She tracks down a match, Daniel, who agrees to be her donor.  Daniel himself wishes to make his ill grandmother happy by finding himself a wife, so she agrees to enter a contractual marriage with him in order to be listed as a dependent on his health insurance plan, and to give his grandmother peace. However, the arrangement is complicated by a jealous ex-girlfriend who tries to frame Anna for crimes that would drive a wedge between her and Daniel. As well as, a long lost stepbrother who tries to hurt Daniel by any means possible, even going to great lengths to kidnap and threaten his wife’s life. Meanwhile, what started out as a ruse, starts to become true love.

Length: 45 minutes, pilot spec script

Approach: The three of us each wrote an equal amount of sequential beats of the episode (after writing out our official beat sheet and discussing our vision for the project) and then spent a good many hours over Zoom editing the cohesive script. Two of us also wrote all of the marketing and pitch materials for the series as part of an earlier project.

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