“It’s How They Decide Where You Go”: Sky High as a Coming Out Narrative

Media Audiences, Fall 2019

Simply put, I decided that my portfolio would not be complete without my paper on Sky High. The assignment was to pick a media text and perform a critical rewrite; if Leah Clearwater were the main character of Twilight, for example, what would have to change? Whom would this rewrite benefit? How would it change from the dominant reading of the text?

The problem was we had to come up with the rewrite ourselves, and I have a pretty firm grasp of most fannish conversations surrounding media I love. Except for Sky High, apparently. On a whim I decided to look into it, and that was how this paper was born. This paper, I think, communicates a lot about my relationship with media and my media preferences, so I just wanted to make sure it was highlighted with my other work.

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