Blog #12: Media in Professions

I researched the impact of media usage on the field of medicine, particularly in the career of a physician assistant. I found a useful article, written by Anne Dang, which can be found here, that discusses how media impacts this specific career and how it’s changed throughout the years. It stresses that the creation of certain social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have had an impact on medicine by making health accessible to all. Different forms of media such as support forums, physician websites, webinars, and blogs have provided opportunities to access experts and other patients that might not have otherwise been available through more traditional means. This also allows for the sharing of more information, without breaking physician-patient confidentiality. One can use this information to learn from, as this increase in its availability allows for this type of personal and professional learning to take place on a much larger scale.

Anne Dang also gives personal insight on the impact social media has had on her career as a physician assistant. She says, “I have been able to build my network, access educational and mentoring opportunities, as well as garner interest from patients and prospective students about the profession.” Personal and immediate connections to other doctors, nurses, and patients is important in this field, as well as access to other opportunities, such as mentoring, internships, and further research. Media allows for these to be possible, benefitting many people, both physician assistants and those outside of the field as well.

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  1. Another medical balancing act here between publicity (for yourself, for the profession) and privacy (especially for patients)—Mahathi and Chandler (below) echo and reinforce these points.

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