Blog Post #13 12/4: Reflection

Over the past few months as a member of this class, I have learned a lot about media and its role in our lives. The complexity of all the different types of mediums and the number of possible topics that are related to each of them is remarkable. I think what will stick with me most from the class is remembering to be conscious of my personal social media brand and how I portray myself on social media, my individual relationship with media and how it can be both a good and bad thing, and how media will play a role in my life for the rest of it, including in my career field.

Some subjects from class I think I’ll definitely follow up on in the future are how media (social media in particular) will most likely be very present in my future as a part of my profession, since I will have a  background/degree in marketing and I plan on looking for job opportunities related to marketing/pr/advertising, which are all closely related.  Additionally, I know I will always have a love for forms of media that are going “out of style” or that are old, like letters and physical hard copy books, so that will definitely be a topic I revisit as I work to keep it as a present aspect of my life.

I think we covered a good amount of material in class and I really liked the pace at which we covered topics the entire semester. If there is anything I wish we looked into with more detail it would be the earlier history of media. I personally find the topic of legacy media very interesting, so I would have liked to learn/hear even more about the most popular forms of media in past decades, and the process of media evolution over time. At the same time, however, I do understand there are only so many topics we can cover in a semester.

For future versions of the class, I would perhaps add a few more modern issues/articles into the mix of things we discuss, but in a way that still accounts for and includes topics and articles from the past. Other than that, I really enjoyed the class and can’t think of any additional things I would add to it. A big thanks to Dr. Menke for a great semester and an eye-opening class that allowed me to learn and become more passionate about one of my biggest interests, media.