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Blog post for 9/25

What is a media ecology?  Read the brief definitions here. Recommended: also take a look at the 7.5-minute video here.  Then write a post reflecting on the media (and/or the media ecology) of college in 2016.

One possible approach: how does the media ecology of UGA compare to that of your high school or another school, institution, or setting you’re familiar with?

Another approach: how does the media ecology of UGA reflect or diverge from the media ecology of the rest of America or the world in 2016? Which media have the most impact on education—or on student life—at UGA?

One more sample approach: how are the media of college in 2016 shaping the experience and the content of your studies and of your life as college students? Books, websites, clickers, apps, texts, social media, electronic readings, powerpoints, lectures…?

Blog Post #4: The Email Issue

Is email another “legacy medium”? Maybe so, but universities still seem to run on it. Read this serious piece (How to Email Your Professor…) and this jokey one (Every Email College Students Send Their Professors) and respond to the issues they raise. Some possibilities:

  • Do these pieces tally with your impressions (or experiences) of students, professors, and email?
  • What larger issues do they suggest?
  • Might students and professors have different understandings of email (and different understandings of college!) that come out in these mismatched exchanges?
  • What’s your own relationship to email?
  • Why do you think universities are so email-crazy? Why do you think they haven’t embraced alternative media (texting, facebook, WhatsApp, whatever) to the same extent?