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First Blog Post and Tetrad (Repost)

(This was posted elsewhere, but I am reposting at the request of Dr. Menke.)

Hello, professor, classmates, and random people who somehow found this blog.

My name is AlSherrae’ Ray (al- as is Albert, -sher- as in sherbert, -rae’ as in sunshine), but for simplification purposes, I also go by Aly. I am a first year here at the wonderful University of Georgia. I am from Atlanta, by way of College Park (about five minutes from the airport). I am a Theatre major with a minor in English. A random interesting fact about me is that I am currently the tallest living person in my family (I’m 6’1″).

After reading about tetrads, I must say that I was incredibly confused. However, after more research, I found them to be an effective method of analysis on a topic. Therefore, here is a tetrad I created:

1. Enhancement: Sharing of quick, daily, personal events that are generally meaningless to the person as a whole
2. Retrieval: Daily check-ins with friends and family members to ensure healthy emotional, physical, and possibly spiritual wellness
3. Obsolesces: Long, tedious phone calls or text messages that serve to provide a form of check-in between individuals.
4. Reversal: Unnecessary emphasis on pointless day to day experiences.