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Introduction & Media Tetrad-First Blog Assignment (due August 21st at 9:00pm)

Hello everyone! My name is Chandler Biles. I am a first year student here at the University of Georgia. I’m from Jackson, Georgia which is half way between Macon, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia. I plan on becoming a nurse at some point in my life, but my major at this moment is Human Development and Family Sciences with an emphasis on Child Life. A random interesting fact about me is that I had a tumor in my knee a few years ago and got it removed, don’t worry it was benign. Another interesting fact, just for fun, would be that I graduated with a class of 61 students.


  1. Enhances: Allows quick easy access to movies and television shows for all types of viewers.
  2. Reverse Into: If Netflix is taken to the extreme, it can be used as someone’s distraction, obsession and possibly make them become socially inactive.
  3. Retrieves: When using Netflix, you can access old movies and television shows that everyone used to love to watch.
  4. Obsolesces: Using Netflix, eliminates people using other instruments for movies and television shows such as, DVD players, and VHS tapes that people used to use to access movies and television shows.