This class wasn’t on the top of my list when choosing an FYOS, but I ended up enjoying the class overall. I see myself using the information I’ve learned from this course in the future. Wherever I may end up career wise, I know that what I learned in this class will help – even if just a little bit. I think that the class was set up well. The discussion-based classroom was a good way to get your mind thinking. Overall there isn’t much I would change. My only issue was the Sunday deadlines conflicting with work, but that’s more of a personal thing. Other than that, this class has been a good addition to my Mondays.

Blog Post #13 12/4: Reflection

Over the past few months as a member of this class, I have learned a lot about media and its role in our lives. The complexity of all the different types of mediums and the number of possible topics that are related to each of them is remarkable. I think what will stick with me most from the class is remembering to be conscious of my personal social media brand and how I portray myself on social media, my individual relationship with media and how it can be both a good and bad thing, and how media will play a role in my life for the rest of it, including in my career field.

Some subjects from class I think I’ll definitely follow up on in the future are how media (social media in particular) will most likely be very present in my future as a part of my profession, since I will have a  background/degree in marketing and I plan on looking for job opportunities related to marketing/pr/advertising, which are all closely related.  Additionally, I know I will always have a love for forms of media that are going “out of style” or that are old, like letters and physical hard copy books, so that will definitely be a topic I revisit as I work to keep it as a present aspect of my life.

I think we covered a good amount of material in class and I really liked the pace at which we covered topics the entire semester. If there is anything I wish we looked into with more detail it would be the earlier history of media. I personally find the topic of legacy media very interesting, so I would have liked to learn/hear even more about the most popular forms of media in past decades, and the process of media evolution over time. At the same time, however, I do understand there are only so many topics we can cover in a semester.

For future versions of the class, I would perhaps add a few more modern issues/articles into the mix of things we discuss, but in a way that still accounts for and includes topics and articles from the past. Other than that, I really enjoyed the class and can’t think of any additional things I would add to it. A big thanks to Dr. Menke for a great semester and an eye-opening class that allowed me to learn and become more passionate about one of my biggest interests, media.

Final entry

When I first learned I had to take an FYOS I was concerned on what to take. I was overwhelmed with how many options there were and what exactly would suit me best. When I stumbled across the title of the class I was intrigued by the idea of learning about media. I now know so much more about what is categorized as media and how it impacts our lives everyday.
I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have more face-to-face contact with a professor. The experience was unlike any other class I have taken this semester. Looking back, my favorite part of this class was definitely having the time to discuss everyone’s thoughts and feelings towards the topic of the week. Hearing other individuals feedback made the class that much more rewarding.

Final Post

I originally chose this FYOS because it was one of the few that I was interested in, and that fit in with my schedule. I am glad that I took this class because it allowed me to take a closer look at my personal media use, and media use throughout the world. Moving forward, my media habits will probably remain the same, but now I will be more aware about how my postings affect my personal brand. I am most appreciative for the social media audit because I definitely had some posts that I do not want the professional world to see from when I was younger. With a major like marketing, I plan to encounter media in my career frequently, and I’m glad that I took this class to get a jumpstart on understanding how it affects everyone around me.

last post

I really enjoyed this FYOS class.  When I picked this class I didn’t even know what it was about, I just knew that it was right down the hall from my next class so that’s why I chose it.  I got really lucky though because this class was actually about something that interested me.  Something that I think could be talked more about in next year’s class is the bias that certain media industries have, or how to create a more positive environment on different social media since that seems to be a really big problem in our world today.

Blog #13: Final Post

Over the semester, this class has taught me so many things about media. I learned about different types of legacy media and how that media has evolved into the media we use today. I learned about media ecology and how to “brand” my social media. The two most interesting/important things I learned from this course are how much media I use on any given day and how media is used in my future profession. These are things I will continue to think about in the future. I now have  better understanding of all types of media and realize how important media is in people’s everyday lives.

This course wasn’t what I expected it to be, but I enjoyed it a lot. The discussions were always interesting and the blogs were always thought provoking. I used to look at media on a very surface level, but this class challenged me to look at it in a whole new way. I would definitely recommend others to take this class!

Final Post

At the beginning of this semester, I didn’t know what to expect from this FYO course. Honestly, I chose this course because all my other ones I wanted to get into were closed. Reflecting back on the semester, I’m glad I ended up taking this course. This course made me consider my media usage, reflect on how much I used media, taught me the different types of media there are and gave me an understanding of the effect media has on my future career.  Media includes a range of things like reading a textbook to getting on Facebook. Before this course, I didn’t realize how much media I used in my daily life because I didn’t consider taking notes in class, or reading a textbook as media. I would just think of media as things that are technologically based, for instance, social media. The thing I will take away from the course is, media is so prevalent in our lives that it can influence your future career.

final blog post 12/4

I originally chose this FYO because I was interested to see how media affected us in our daily lives because it is so prevalent in today’s culture. This class has made me more aware of how often I mindlessly use media whether it is for school or leisure. I appreciated the discussions every week because we were able to share our personal experiences with media, comparing and contrasting with each other. The most memorable assignment to me was probably the handwritten letter we had to write in the first weeks because it made me think about how drastically media has changed throughout the years. Overall I had a great experience with this class and would definitely recommend others to take it!

Final Post

I chose this FYOS course because I originally thought that it was going to be about news media and I thought it would be interesting to take during the election season. Although it was not what I expected, I was pleasantly surprised at what the class turned out to be. I really enjoyed going to class and listening to discussions because I learned a lot more about media as a whole and about how it is so prevalent in our everyday lives. Taking this course made me realize that I probably use media too much, but I also realized that there are pros and cons to that problem. Overall, I am really glad that I took this FYOS course and I learned a lot about a topic that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to learn about.

Final Post: Reflection

At the beginning of the semester, I did not know what to expect from this FYOS course.  I chose it because it was a course that appealed to me the most while conveniently working with my schedule. However, I’m very glad I ended up choosing this FYOS. The workload was manageable and allowed for personal reflection, the in class discussions were insightful, and I really learned about my own media usage. As a result of this course, I learned the most about how dependent I am on media, as observed through my daily media logs, and that this usage exceeds more than just social media, ranging from PowerPoint presentations in class to music on Spotify. I think what will stick with me the most from this course is an increased awareness of my media usage and an overall understanding of the effects media has in my future, especially in my career.