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“Probe” due 10/9: Brief interview of someone whose social media use differs from yours

Assignment: Interview someone (a friend, roommate, relative, random stranger—hmm, that might be weird) whose social media use differs from yours. You should take notes, but you do not need to transcribe the whole interview or to paste everything into the blog.

Rather, reflect on what you’ve learned and write a blog post highlighting the most interesting things you find about your interviewee’s social media habits and practices. (You can mention any aspects of your interviewee’s background or identity that seem relevant, but we definitely don’t need to know your interviewee’s name, Twitter handle, etc.)

Some questions to get things started (you can ask more interesting questions and more focused follow-up questions!):

  • How frequently do you access social media?
    • (Hourly? Daily? Weekly? Etc.)
    • When do you usually post or check your social media platforms?
  • Which social media networks do you use?
    • On which of these are you most active?
  • What do you use social media for?
    • What features do you use on each platform?
    • What do you share on each platform?
    • Do you use different platforms for different things? How so?
  • How do you access the various social media you use?
  • Whom do you interact with on the social media you use?
    • How many of your friends/followers/etc. do you know in real life?
  • How do you use privacy features on your social media platforms of choice?
  • Would it concern you if a person in a position of authority (a parent, employer, professor) were to come across your online profile and the things you’ve shared?
  • Do you engage with “brands”/businesses on social media? How and where?
  • Do you ever take note of the advertising on social media? What do you notice?
  • How has your social media use changed over time?
    • Are there social media platforms you no longer use?

Topic for blog post due October 2: Social Media

Read these reviews of two books about social media:

Then write a blog response based on these readings and on your own experiences with social media. Some possible issues and approaches:

  • Do you recognize your own experiences in the claims of these books (or of the reviewers)?
  • Do you take any steps to avoid some of the pitfalls these writers suggest?
  • What do you use social media for—and does it give you what you want?
  • Have your own social media habits changed since you came to UGA?