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First Blog Post

Hey everyone! My name’s Dakota Gulasa and I’m from Cartersville, Georgia. I am currently majoring in Biology for Pre-Med, but I will  be changing it to Music Business before the next semester. I currently work at Red Lobster and the Ramsey Center. I spend the majority of my money on concert tickets. My passion for the music industry is what has drifted me towards my new major. I would love to one day be a tour manager for a famous music artist. Enough about me; let me discuss my idea for a media tetrad. I have decided to use my favorite form of social media – Instagram – in order to create this tetrad.

Enhancement: Instagram is a platform that allows individuals to share some of their most memorable moments for the world to see. It allows you to stay up to date on the lives of others through a single photograph.

Obsolescence: Instagram holds people back from directly sharing their life stories to their friends and family. For instance, I typically do not tell my friends when I go to a new concert because I simply expect them to see the picture on Instagram.

Retrieval: Instagram allows you to stay up-to-date with individuals that may no longer be apart of your life. If your friend moves to California, you will still be able to keep track of how they’re doing through their posts on Instagram. It brings back that connection that was once lost.

Reverses Into: When pushed to its limits, Instagram can be very harmful. Individuals may begin to obsess over how many likes their picture receives. Some people make it their goal to become “Instagram Famous” be obtaining several thousand followers. This creates an unhealthy addiction that can be detrimental to any individual.

First Blog Post

Hey! My name is Elizabeth Malcom and I’m from Athens, GA. I graduated from Athens Academy and am so excited to be at UGA. My major right now is marketing, but that might change!

Tetrad: Facebook

Enhances: Facebook allows people to share pictures or articles that relate to their current lives. People are also able to view what is going on in their friends lives, providing a way to constantly stay connected.

Retrieves: It allows people to keep up with family members or friends that may live far  away.

Reverses Into: When everyone you know is on Facebook, it creates pressure to constantly be uploading pictures that make you appear fun or interesting to your following online. People live less in the moment and are only worried about taking a good picture to later post online.

Obsolesces: Because you can see what your friends are up to online, Facebook eliminates the need to pick up the phone to ask what is going on in their lives.



Blog Post #1 8/21: First Blog Post and Tetrads

Hi there! My name is Emily Olson. I am originally from Colorado, but my family just moved to Alpharetta, GA. Since I lived in CO for 16 years, it’s definitely been different here so far, but I’m really liking it. I am very excited to live in the South and experience new things unique not only to the region, but to Georgia itself. I’m currently majoring in Marketing, however, I’m also interested in studying Advertising, Public Relations, or Media Studies. As you can see, I have quite a few interests, so I’m hoping this FYOS will help me learn a little bit more about that last one at least.

Tetrad: Online Newspapers

Enhances: Online newspapers help increase awareness of certain issues and provide access to news at a speed like never before, while encouraging an informed lifestyle for readers as all newsworthy events are reported on and different viewpoints on politics, entertainment, culture, and other areas of interest are published and presented.

Retrieves: Online newspapers allow for a quick passage of information and news globally, in a more accessible way. They revive a connectivity with other parts of the world on a much larger scale, while public knowledge and awareness is improved as younger generations make use of this modern method of information sharing.

Reverses Into: Inaccuracy occurs when online news stories are published too quickly online. In order to keep up with the constant occurrence of events, locally, nationally, and worldwide, many online newspapers report on and post about news material with little turn around time. As a result, not enough information is always included to create completely unbiased, well-researched articles.

Obsolesces: The physical paper newspapers of the past have becomes less popular. Many people forgo the “daily paper” altogether, relying on online newspapers and mobile news apps to fulfill this aspect of information sharing in a different, but more modern way.





08/21/16 – First Blog Post + Tetrad

Hello, everyone! My name is Mahathi Mula. I’m from Cumming, GA and I graduated from South Forsyth High School. I’m a Biology major and hope to go on to Medical School after graduation to become a pediatrician with a specialization (still working on that one). I’m super excited about my first year here and I’m hoping to make it a great one! 🙂


Enhances: Allows for constant communication between individuals through posts, discussions, and messages. Facebook is a massive platform for trending events concerning celebrities, politics, cinema, etc. Companies can use Facebook as a platform for reaching out to current and potential consumers.

Retrieves: One can keep in touch with many people, regardless of how close or how far they are. Helps to keep loved ones close no matter how far they are.

Obsolesces: Facebook replaces the one-on-one conversations that people could potentially have had in person. Creates a barrier between people in some instances because of lack of enhancing a proper connection. Every conversation is behind a screen.

Reverses Into: Hundreds of opportunities for cyber bullying, stalking, and privacy breaching.  When users post constant updates of their daily lives, it makes the user vulnerable and exposed, creating chances for backfire.


First Blog Post

Hi!  My name is Elaina Gruver, and I’m from Dacula, Georgia (only about 45 minutes from Athens).  I’m living in O House, and right now I’m a biology major, but I plan to change it to exercise and sport science or athletic training  pretty soon, with hopes to eventually be a physical therapist or chiropractor.

Tetrad: Facebook

Enhances:  Allows people to keep in touch with friends and family who they may not see regularly or who live far away.  People can share exciting moments in their lives with the people who they chose, and many businesses have Facebook pages in order to raise awareness of their business.

Retrieves:  Facebook gives people the ability to keep up with their friends’ lives and to know what major events are happening with the people that they care about, even if those people live on the other side of the country.

Reverses into:  Some people tend to post too much about what is happening in their lives, or they post things that no one really cares about or wants to know.  (No one really cares that you’re going to walmart)

Obsolesces:  People don’t feel the need to talk to people in person anymore, or to even call someone. They can get all the information they need by looking at someone’s Facebook page.

First Blog Post

Hi everyone!

My name is Brianna Fendrich and I am a freshman from Atlanta, GA, so I do not live that far from UGA. I have also lived in Houston, Texas, Vail, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington, but I definitely think that Atlanta is my favorite place that I have lived so far. I am planning on majoring in Business, but I am not sure what part of Business yet. Whether it is Snapchat, Instagram, or E-mail, I am always using some sort of media in order to communicate and connect with other people. Since media plays such a huge role in my life, I was really drawn to the FYOS and am excited for this class!


I am not sure I am doing this right, but here is my tetrad:




Enhances: Texting allows for quick communication between people. You can send a quick note to a friend or have a full-on conversation with someone through texting. Also texting allows big groups to be able to communicate with each other.


Obsolesces: People talk to people on the phone or in person less because texting is much quicker and can be done while multitasking.


Retrieves: Texting allows people to talk to people who may be far away, and it is an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family.


Reverses Into: People not talking to others in person because texting is much more convenient. People can also become addicted to texting since it is so easy to do and can become over-absorbed in their phones.


First Blog Post and Media Tetrad

Hey everyone! My name is Logan White, and I’m a freshman this year at UGA. I graduated from Lambert High School in Forsyth County, Georgia, and I am currently planning on majoring in Public Relations. I love to write and blog, and I was the Literary Editor for The Lambert Post my senior year. Now, I write for the UGA branch of Odyssey Online. I also love animals and manage the Instagram account for The Humane Society of Forsyth County. I would love to one day have a career in writing, publishing, editing, or as a media specialist.

Mostly, I love writing about my faith and life experiences.

Media Tetrad:


Enhances: Instagram allows people to share life events, even with friends they haven’t talked to in a while. It also enables users to keep up with celebrities, and it gives companies/organizations a visual outlet to advertise daily.

Retrieves: The ability to keep up with friends, even those you may not see very often, and to see what is happening in their lives at the moment
Reverses Into: The pressure to post frequently in order to seem like your life is exciting. It also creates the pressure to have an aesthetically pleasing theme.

Obsolesces: The need to talk to your friends to tell them what is going on in your life. Now, a lot of people know things about others simply because they, “Saw it on Instagram.”

First Blog Post

Hi guys! My name is Madeline Fairley and I’m a freshman here at UGA. I’m from Alpharetta, GA, a northern suburb of Metro-Atlanta, and I graduated from Blessed Trinity High School in Roswell. I’m currently a biology major on a pre-med track, but have started to look into other possible majors that interest me. I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor or physician’s assistant, as these careers offer a way for me to fulfill my passions for science and helping others. I’m living in Mell Hall (in between Creswell and Bolton) and have absolutely loved the time I’ve spent at UGA so far, and can’t wait for what’s to come (especially football games)!

Here’s my shot at a tetrad:


Enhances: Allows one to “tweet” about their day-to-day lives, topics they’re interested in, or anything they feel like.

Retrieves: Allows one to keep in touch with their followers while simultaneously keeping up with the lives of those they follow, whether it’s that of their best friend or their favorite celebrity. Users can instantly retrieve information about almost anyone (who uses Twitter, anyway) or anything, through the use of hashtags.

Reverses into: An over-sharing of information or an intake of unwanted information. Some users may become addicted to Twitter, and therefore, share unnecessary tweets with their followers.

Obsolesces: Texting, phone calls, or other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

First Blog Post


Hey guys! My name is Kelsey Kurnett and I am from Alpharetta Georgia. I am thrilled to be here at UGA this year and can’t wait to complete all the typical freshmen traditions. I am really into golf, so hit me up if you are ever interested in going to the UGA golf course.

To be honest I am slightly confused by the whole tetrad thing but here’s my take…

Enhancement: Allows one to share any and everything from their relationship status to daily photos with their friends.
Retrieval: Easy access to friends and family that may be far away geographically. Facebook allows better communication with individuals whose lives may not regularly cross paths.
Obsolesces: Phone calls and high school reunions become irrelevant due to the informative nature of Facebook.
Reverses Into: possible social embarrassment due to lack of professionalism from the various years of use and some possible cyberbullying due the lack of face to face communication.

First Blog Post and Tetrad (Repost)

(This was posted elsewhere, but I am reposting at the request of Dr. Menke.)

Hello, professor, classmates, and random people who somehow found this blog.

My name is AlSherrae’ Ray (al- as is Albert, -sher- as in sherbert, -rae’ as in sunshine), but for simplification purposes, I also go by Aly. I am a first year here at the wonderful University of Georgia. I am from Atlanta, by way of College Park (about five minutes from the airport). I am a Theatre major with a minor in English. A random interesting fact about me is that I am currently the tallest living person in my family (I’m 6’1″).

After reading about tetrads, I must say that I was incredibly confused. However, after more research, I found them to be an effective method of analysis on a topic. Therefore, here is a tetrad I created:

1. Enhancement: Sharing of quick, daily, personal events that are generally meaningless to the person as a whole
2. Retrieval: Daily check-ins with friends and family members to ensure healthy emotional, physical, and possibly spiritual wellness
3. Obsolesces: Long, tedious phone calls or text messages that serve to provide a form of check-in between individuals.
4. Reversal: Unnecessary emphasis on pointless day to day experiences.