Media in the Music Industry

After jumping around from major to major these past four months, I’ve realized that I have no idea what my major should be. So I’m currently resting with an undecided-business major. However, I do know where I see myself going in life. I’d like to work my way up in the music industry – whether it be in management or relations. One of my dream jobs would be to work for Billboard Headquarters in New York, either writing articles or managing the several social media accounts that they run.

Social media has drastically changed the music industry. Companies like Billboard use their platform to constantly and almost instantly keep their audience up to date on all of the latest news. They post several times a day and these postings range from album debuts, song ratings, and celebrity news. This type of platform keeps me knowledgable on almost everything music related. It keeps me informed on what is going on in the industry. It’s much more than just pop-culture.

Without social media, the music industry would not be where it is today. When artists broadcast their latest music on social media, it creates greater sales. If artists were to not post about their upcoming music, it would be less talked about and result in fewer sales. Social media has helped create the music industry that we know and love today.


One thought on “Media in the Music Industry”

  1. Music is a great example of the impact of new media. A few years ago, it seemed as if the internet had killed recorded music, as the immensely profitable era of the CD drew to an end. And, yet… there’s still recorded music, and people (artists, labels, promoters, managers…) are able to make money from it. Maybe it just calls for more nimbleness and creativity in the era of the smartphone. People are still passionate about music, even if they are no longer interested in paying $20 for a CD (a lot of people may not even have a way to play CDs anymore).

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