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First Blog Post

Hey everyone! My name’s Dakota Gulasa and I’m from Cartersville, Georgia. I am currently majoring in Biology for Pre-Med, but I will  be changing it to Music Business before the next semester. I currently work at Red Lobster and the Ramsey Center. I spend the majority of my money on concert tickets. My passion for the music industry is what has drifted me towards my new major. I would love to one day be a tour manager for a famous music artist. Enough about me; let me discuss my idea for a media tetrad. I have decided to use my favorite form of social media – Instagram – in order to create this tetrad.

Enhancement: Instagram is a platform that allows individuals to share some of their most memorable moments for the world to see. It allows you to stay up to date on the lives of others through a single photograph.

Obsolescence: Instagram holds people back from directly sharing their life stories to their friends and family. For instance, I typically do not tell my friends when I go to a new concert because I simply expect them to see the picture on Instagram.

Retrieval: Instagram allows you to stay up-to-date with individuals that may no longer be apart of your life. If your friend moves to California, you will still be able to keep track of how they’re doing through their posts on Instagram. It brings back that connection that was once lost.

Reverses Into: When pushed to its limits, Instagram can be very harmful. Individuals may begin to obsess over how many likes their picture receives. Some people make it their goal to become “Instagram Famous” be obtaining several thousand followers. This creates an unhealthy addiction that can be detrimental to any individual.

First Blog Post and Media Tetrad

Hey everyone! My name is Logan White, and I’m a freshman this year at UGA. I graduated from Lambert High School in Forsyth County, Georgia, and I am currently planning on majoring in Public Relations. I love to write and blog, and I was the Literary Editor for The Lambert Post my senior year. Now, I write for the UGA branch of Odyssey Online. I also love animals and manage the Instagram account for The Humane Society of Forsyth County. I would love to one day have a career in writing, publishing, editing, or as a media specialist.

Mostly, I love writing about my faith and life experiences.

Media Tetrad:


Enhances: Instagram allows people to share life events, even with friends they haven’t talked to in a while. It also enables users to keep up with celebrities, and it gives companies/organizations a visual outlet to advertise daily.

Retrieves: The ability to keep up with friends, even those you may not see very often, and to see what is happening in their lives at the moment
Reverses Into: The pressure to post frequently in order to seem like your life is exciting. It also creates the pressure to have an aesthetically pleasing theme.

Obsolesces: The need to talk to your friends to tell them what is going on in your life. Now, a lot of people know things about others simply because they, “Saw it on Instagram.”

First Blog Assignment

Hi! My name is Natalie Minor. I come a SUPER small town about three hours south of Athens called Americus.  I came to UGA  majoring in Biological Sciences, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to change to major in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Interior Design. Total opposites, I know. I don’t really have anything super interesting about me. I’m the middle of five kids (2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers), I love music and movies and books, and I am, unfortunately, a social media-holic.

I’m still unsure about the whole concept of tetrads but I’m going to give it a shot anyway!


  1. Enhancement: Makes it easier for family and friends to stay in touch and see what each other is doing.
  2. Retrieval: Visual and communicative contact through the use of posted pictures and direct messaging or comments.
  3. Obsolesces: Printed photo albums or picture printing kiosks; Periodical check-ins to see what loved ones are up to.
  4. Reversal: Cyber bullying; Insecurities; Addiction (<–aka ME)